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short book reviews 2020, covid-Overdrive edition (in chronological order of publication)

  1. expired serfs: a buyer's guide. why not finish, dude? 3.9/5 ivans
  2. Oy. The big one. (Put down The Sorcerer's Stone and get it over with, already) Big Papa makes a lot of sense, but cousin texts of his contemporaries left a stronger initial impression, tbh. I'm still hung up on the whole morality angle--when do I level up to immortal scientist? 4/5 alienated proles
  3. Me stealing vibes from this book to duck social gatherings: “I’m afraid I shan't attend, for I have had the misfortune of gazing upon Lady Hampshire’s latest grotesque choice of head-wear for not a few hours, and I fear I am put out for several nights over the affair and must gather my resolve alone in chambers. Don’t call for me until you’ve heard that I’ve recovered; I really am in a bad way." OK I love this shit, check it out...beginning of the book: "Two green and white butterflies fluttered past them, and in the pear tree at the end of the garden a thrush began to sing." Near the end of the book: "A bitter blast swept across the Square. The gas-lamps flickered, and became blue, and the leafless trees shook their black iron branches as if in pain." Just to drive home that some serious shit has gone down. I dig every syllable! 5/5 magical paintings of doom
  4. individualism vs communism is a false dichotomy, from the man who brought you the magical painting of doom. 3.9/5 magical paintings of doom
  5. "just get rid of, like, cops and governors and shit. it'll be fine, people are cool" lol sure bro 4/5 breads
  6. curious how much scrutiny a bernstein bares? dive into this accessible, articulate prose 4/5 spanked opportunists
  7. ain't no party like a vanguard party kuz a vanguard party don't stop 3.9/5 things to be done
  8. "...the Tarot is a pack of cards used in the south of Europe for games and fortune-telling, first known in Europe at the end of the 14th century when in use among the Spanish gypsies. Note from the editor: It is highly unlikely that gypsies in Spain used Tarot cards in the 14th century. This pack of cards represents the Egyptian hieroglyphic book of seventy-eight tablets, which came to us almost miraculously. Note from the editor: The fanciful notion that the Tarot is Egyptian comes from the speculations of a handful of 18th century French occultists even though it is without basis. The Tarot falls into three divisions: the first part has twenty-one numbered cards; the second part has one card 0; the third part has fifty-six cards. Note from the editor: It is more usual to divide the Tarot into two parts, the 56 suit cards and the 22 trumps. H. P. Blavatsky mentions the Tarot in her works, and we have some reason for believing that she studied the Tarot. It is known that she loved to 'play patience.' Note from the editor: Blavatsky writes very little concerning the Tarot. The game of patience or solitaire is played with an ordinary deck of 52 cards and has nothing to do with the Tarot. In order to become acquainted with the Tarot, it is necessary to understand the basic ideas of the Kabbalah and Alchemy. But when the true alchemist spoke of seeking for gold, he spoke of gold in the soul of man. And he called gold that which in the New Testament is called the Kingdom of Heaven, and in Buddhism, Nirvana. Note from the editor: Many intelligent, serious alchemists of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance devoted all their time to the manufacture of gold from base metals. Also, the kingdom of heaven and nirvana are hardly synonymous -- the first is a condition attained only after death, the second a state of mind attainable during life." lol wtf am I reading? 1.5/5 pentacles
  9. economists, opportunists, and naive babies, oh my 4/5 DoP's
  10. economists, opportunists, and naive babies II 3.5/5 electric boogaloos
  11. War: “What in blazes is going on?”, a Memoir. Great sport, old chap, and maaaad street cred btw. 5/5 undetonated mortars
  12. Now I don't go around preachin' the gospel any more since I lost my faith, but if you would all please open your Bibles to Revelation 14:19 and read along for several passages, it might occur to you that our lord Jehovah plays a little rough with folk from time to time. But don't he shine through the damp planks of shanty towns and whispered oaths of wayward fugitives; in the worried secrets of exchanged intimate glances and in the common kindnesses and shared troubles of..... 4.2/5 bruised peaches. Most depressing book ever?
  13. ain't no party like a flophouse party kuz a flophouse party got mystery hooch and frogs, bitches 4.3/5 frog credits, redeemable for beer and fireworks
  14. "We were all mad kings raging and wailing our intrepid fury into the midnight haze" Dude relax, you're just smoking cigarettes in a diner parking lot. 2/5 blazing unknown horizons and burnt out huckster husks on the screaming edge of Westward oblivion with silence only broken by the roaring of bestial engines, the gospel of pickled prophets, and the desperate anecdotes of wailing midnight martyrs who fly their flags of conquest and defeat in the dark alleys of truckstop kingdoms and the foreboding cascade of overpass shadows that swallow hope and shit poets and drifters who fill the flatbeds of friendly monsters and carry with them that secret language of the streets, an oral tradition that rides currents of promise and pain and burns itself into the
  15. you're not fooling anyone, Bob--you obviously just somehow got hold of a space marine's diary from the future and typed it out word-for-word. We call that “pulling a Biff” 3.3/5 space marine diaries
  16. lunar politics: that's no Moon, that's a space trebuchet! colonies down gravity wells shouldn't throw stones. 2.9/5 space trebuchets
  17. "It's about rabbits." "Oh" "--but it's good." Thanks for the recommendation, Ma. Lovable animal tales can and should break the disney mold. I will revisit this book for another dose of the sporadic mythic mini-tales. Wish I was shown this book when I was younger! It would have gotten me away from the computer games for a few days. 4/5 hrududil
  18. Journey to the Center of the Space Phallus. Imaginative! 3.33/5 cylindrical seas
  19. An unusually visceral episode of The Wonder Years with more wife-beating and jet crashes 2/5 sports fans
  20. Rabbits guy goes to the dogs. Very enjoyable stylized dialogue, and again with the lovable animals. 3.7/5 lonely canister monkeys
  21. Farting, fapping, bears on unicycles, dick biting, adultery, assassins, transfolk, fighter planes, drag disguises, car crashes, feminism, mute cults, badass old cops chasing serial rapists in helicopters, human connection, comical nudity, fictional literature, writing about writing...a book after my own heart. 6/5 severed tongues
  22. the excruciating history of scumbag America squandering the only resource that matters, every chance it gets, in every way imaginable. BRB, moving 2000 miles east. 4.5/5 dry arroyos
  23. In a world. Where aliens play Risk to pick who's president. One man. Plays Risk with some aliens on a permanent forest-fire planet. And they be all like, damn, playa. James Bond's casino games seem like children playing at Chutes and Ladders compared to this. 4/5 ganja glands
  24. Ayahuasca Journey to the Center of the Space Phallus. I'm asking sincerely: can we establish a formal council of extraterrestrial contact, before the fact, that weeds out the douchebags? GADFADFART: Good Astronauts For A Douchebag-Free Alien Rendevous Team 3.6/5 sentient pterodactyls
  25. my favorite short story from here: the one about the guy who keeps finding mysterious notes with clandestine instructions hidden inside most of his food. China Miéville is kinda great! 3.9/5 translucent foodstuffs
  26. misleading title--use of only one weapon. 2.5/5 "Skaffen-Amtiskaws"
  27. Virus Lives Matter: is Space AIDS a terraforming project? Shouldn't we at least ask it? 3.8/5 philotes
  28. "I've pieced together your demonic plans, diabolical minions of Satan--" "This is a book club dumbass. Help yourself to the cheese plate." I'm not even mad 3.5/5 satans
  29. my favorite part is when he's in the virtual city filled with NPC bot people going about their business and he climbs onto the back of an old woman to ride her into town as she shuffles along her scripted path completely unhindered and unaware. ♪ ♫ Old Lady Taxi / Surely make you lose your mind / Old Lady Taxi / Everything all the time ♪ ♫ ♬ 3.2/5 Old Lady Taxis
  30. this decadent, meandering wet dream brought to you by Cutty Sark. 2/5 feelings I couldn't quite put my finger on
  31. author tackles the timeless human archetypes of Giants games and waste management. Exceptionally snappy American dialogue! 3.4/5 trash nukes
  32. Serial media pirate is contacted by AI comprised of experimentally digitized lobster consciousnesses living on a KGB server who request his help in defecting from the country. He helps out the digital KGB lobsters and gets them a job on a space station. With a penchant for esoteric legalese and software that generates shell companies on the reg, he conspires to get his kid away from his ex wife by setting up a company in Yemen, leveraging a bizarre synergy between Shari'a and a lax policy loophole regarding chattel slavery so as to legally designate her simultaneously as the property of the company and also technically the controlling investor of that company. "Yemen is one of the few countries to implement traditional Sunni shari'a law and a limited liability company scam at the same time. Owning slaves is legal – the fiction is that the owner has an option hedged on the indentured laborer's future output, with interest payments that grow faster than the unfortunate victim can pay them off – and companies are legal entities. If Amber sells herself into slavery to this company, she will become a slave and the company will be legally liable for her actions and upkeep. The rest of the legal instrument – about ninety percent of it, in fact – is a set of self-modifying corporate mechanisms coded in a variety of jurisdictions that permit Turing-complete company constitutions, and which act as an ownership shell for the slavery contract. At the far end of the corporate shell game is a trust fund of which Amber is the prime beneficiary and shareholder." Yada yada yada, the queen of the solar system propels on a giant laser beam this thumb drive spaceship containing the digitized consciousnesses of herself and several others in order to meet up with the source of a deep space signal transmission a parsec away, and when they make first contact the aliens don the appearance of lobster-people having mistaken the digitized KGB lobster transmission they first encountered as the primary form of Earthling intelligence they assumed they would encounter. Why do you look like lobsters? they ask, confused. Why don't you look like lobsters? they reply, equally confused. At this point I'm laughing out loud and remembering how much fun I had reading Hitchhiker's Guide. 3.8/5 computronium singularities
  33. "so like this girl I was into, like, got sick or something because her facebook implant glitched and I was all like whoa mine just gives me lesions and hairloss and she was like I'm all scared, dadada, feelings and stuff, and I'm like man you're getting me all sad or something, so I haven't heard from her for a while but when my mood got low I got these sweet khakis recommended to me and clicked to order them in every color. I was trying to get my mind off junk just eBumping on my iJammer with my broskis when her dad like shows up all angry like 'neurological', 'terminal', 'asinine', and I donno 'molecular equations jurisdictional electromegnetism' or some dadada, so I'm like, 'Look man, you talk like a fag, and your shit's all retarded, but tell her to hit me up when she's like not all squanched out in the ICU or whatever'" 3.7/5 units
  34. 93 come for the hocus pocus, stay for the entire written history of mountaineering, replete with cafe receipts and casualty counts 4.5/5 93/93's
  35. Is it kosher for a neurotypical author to do 1st-person fiction from the point of view of an autist? Tell me so I know whether to enjoy this or not ???/5 dead wellingtons
  36. Afghan Buttrapes of Wrath. OK, the Dust Bowl was depressing, Johnny Grapes, I'll give you that. But you may have met your match with this little number out of Kabul. Man, this has been a dark summer. 3.7/5 well-placed slingshots
  37. Flight attendant wouldn't let me finish reading it on the plane because of carry-on size restrictions. After finally finishing, I was found dead in the dark parking lot of a maquiladora, according to witnesses, anus and vagina obliterated beyond recognition several thousand times over. 3.5/5 bubis?? not sure, my brain is soup
  38. yeeeeeesh. from the big armpit to the big apple. *squinting*...Not sure if heartwarming memoir of poverty and flagrant negligence, or low key piece of Chicago School propaganda ???/5 alcoholic dads
  39. a fascist java applet blackmails fortune 500 companies and starts a cult on World of Warcraft. 3/5 RC Humvee roadkills
  40. lol "The 33 Strategies of Peace" sounded boring, so here I am. 3.9/5 napoleons
  41. Depressing burka adventures. Cathy Ames has nothing on this schmuck...eat shovel, dickhead 3.9/5 shovels
  42. my Dad likes to tell stories about the bands he got to see live in the 70's. He often brings up seeing KISS and recalls with boyish wonder the stage effects and pyrotechnics, including a guitar that begins to smoke in the middle of an Ace Frehley solo and then levitates 30 feet in the air and explodes. Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's is an autobiography by the guy who happened to engineer those pyrotechnics, though that's just a small section of the book. 3.3/5 magnesium garage fires
  43. "Some people stockpile canned goods and water in preparation for major disasters; sociopaths stockpile free-market ideas." 4.8/5 dead Allendes
  44. who would win? The Department of Homeland Security... or one techie boi? 3.9/5 suspensions of habeas corpus
  45. "We've been rehearsing a classic from antiquity, Green Eggs and Hamlet, the story of a young prince of Denmark who goes mad, drowns his girlfriend, and in his remorse, forces spoiled breakfast on all whom he meets." Fuckstockings, how could I not like this book? 4/5 Fuckstockings
  46. more like Naked Propaganda, amiright? Insult to injury: no actual nudity. Insufferable! 0/5 naftas
  47. Magical Batman, directed by Michael Bay. "Pretty cool, huh?" The high-fructose corn syrup of literature. 2.3/5 pretty cool huhs
  48. whimsical as fuck. like some modern welsh chapter of Devi Mahatmya with pratchett vibes. 3.5/5 literal stitches in time
  49. "I guess sometimes you never know what kinds of skeletons people might be struggling with." ... "I know what you mean. Like, when you steal a 17th century Dutch oil painting during a terrorist attack and hide it under your bed, and that shit just eats at you day and night." ... "What?"..."What?" 4/5 Hal "Hobie" Holbrooks
  50. A.I. love, inter-species nookie, quantum symbiote mind virus, reasonable space pirates, plucky ship mechanic Kenzi Malikov Frye on acid...this title had me rushing back for the next installment. I thought science fiction was supposed to be dry and joyless? 5/5 lizard orgies
  51. when make big people project, make more people talky. more talky, more better project, like war or spy 2.5/5 interdepartmental liaisons
  52. A.I. raising children in a manner that is not dystopian? Kind future people offering a job and a place to stay to an A.I. who's down on her luck. She chooses her first tattoo. Adorable. We better get started on a Bill of Rights for these people, pronto. 3.9/5 feral junkyard children
  53. We have several nouns for movement through geographical space. 1) "Voyage" derives from the Old French voiage and comes into English from the Latin viaticum, "provisions for a journey", and viaticum contains via, "road." So "voyage" is saturated in the material: what you bring along when you move through space and what you tread upon as you do so. 2) "Journey," is rooted in the temporal, derived from the Old French jornée, its ancestry the Latin diurnum, "the portion for a day," with the root dies, "day." It is not hard to imagine how "the portion for the day" became the word for "trip": long ago, when a journey might take months and even years, it was more comfortable to speak not of the "voyage," what you needed to survive your trip, but of a single day's progress. When the word was newborn, just one day's worth of movement was a significant enough activity, an arduous enough enterprise, to warrant a name of it's own. This talk of arduousness brings me to 3) "travel", a first cousin of "travail," which Merriam-Webster defines as "painful or laborious effort" and has as a medieval Latin root relation to trepalium, "instrument of torture." So "travel" suggests the emotional dimension of traveling: not its artifacts or its duration, but how it feels, for in the days when these words took their shape and meaning, travel was above all difficult, painful, arduous, and strenuously avoided by most. The one English word that combines all these--the distance, the time, and the emotion--is "odyssey," from the classical Greek odysseia: the name of an epic poem about the hero Odysseus. The origin of his name involves the word odynê which you might recognize in the word "anodyne", a compound when pulled apart shows its meaning: an- "without" and -odynê "pain." So Odysseus, the hero of this vast epic of voyaging, journeying, and travel is, literally, "the man of pain." Mucho learnings! 4/5 blind cyclopses
  54. Friedmanites Can't Find the Clitoris 5/5 climaxing comrades
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[US to World] Second round of destashing! A bit of everything, drugstore to mid-end, shadow pans, tons of D/S items :)

Hi again MUE! It’s about time I did another round of destashing :)
Ground rules


Only swapping for the following items; MAY buy if the price is fantastic

Eyeshadow Palettes

Pictures: Closed | Open
  • Smashbox On The Rocks from Holiday 2014 (New, no box) - $15
  • Lorac Tease Me Truffles quad (Used 1x) - $8
  • Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box (gently used) - $12
  • Tarte original Tartlette (well-loved. Large dip in “free spirit,” about to hit pan, “fashionista” is broken and all but gone — but who needs another matte black, anyway? Front of case scuffed up) Close-up pic here - $20

Lip Stuff

Lip Liners
  • Starlooks liner in “bare” (BN) - $3
  • MAC “Nice N’ Spicy” (gently used) - $10
  • Mac “Naked” (gently used) - $9
  • Smashbox “Medium” (gently used) - $5
Mac Lipsticks and gloss: | Labels | Closeup of Instigator
  • Ellie Goulding lipglass in “Explosion” (2x) - $10
  • Flat Out Fabulous (well loved) - $8
  • Cosmo (2x) - $13
  • Instigator (Used 1x, some scuffs on the side of the lipstick, see pic) - $12
  • Shanghai Spice (5x) - $12
  • Petite Red from the Julia Petit collection - $16
Mid end, full sized, new lip items:
  • Too Faced Lip Cremes in “shimmering marshmallow bunny” and “nude beach” - $10 each
  • Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick in “Magenta Matte” - $9
  • Tarte Lipsurgence power pigment in Flush - $8
  • Smashbox lipgloss in Pout - $5
  • $6 each: OCC lip tars in Authentic, Electric Grandma, and Radiate, Korres Lip Butter in Guava (all new)
Liquid Lipsticks
  • Stila D/S liquid lipstick in “bella” (new) - $6
  • Stila D/S liquid lipstick in “aria” (1x) - $5
  • Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipstick in “mars” (swatched) - $4
Mid end, D/S, new lip items:
  • Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro (red color) - $2
  • $5 each: KVD Lovesick, Buxom Dolly, Buxom Hooligan, Bite VIB rouge, Bite Aubergine
Mid end, D/S, gently used lip items:
  • Bite High Pigment pencils in “winterberry” and “pomegranate” - $4 each
  • 3 Lipsticks from Sephora’s Pantone Universe Marsala collection - $6 for all
  • Buxom Lip Tarnish in “scandal” (this is full sized, I think) - $5
Drugstore/Low end lip items: All gently used unless otherwise mentioned | First 7 | Wet n’ Wild | Last bunch
  • Cailyn tinted lipbalm in “apple pink” (3x) - $1
  • LA Girl lip paint in “seduce” (1x) - $1
  • $2 each, all new: Rimmel lip laquer in Big Big Bang, J-Cat lip paint in Red Potion, NYX soft matte lip creme in London, Hikari Lipgloss in Merlot
  • $3 for all or $.50 each, used Wet n’ Wild: Think Pink, Smoking Hot Pink, Just Peachy, Mauve Outta Here (2 of these, for some reason)
  • $1 each, new Wet n’ Wild from LE 2014 collection: Urban Nights, Tangelinos
  • $1 each: Pop Beauty “rose romance,” Milani “fifth avenue fuscia,” Milani “bit of berry,” Milani “blissful berry,” Tati “first kiss,” NYX “circe,” NYX “tea rose,” NYX “thalia,” Laqa & co purple chubby stick, Ulta gloss in “spice.”


One lonely D/S Too Faced shadow insurance - New, $3
Full sized Mid end mascaras: All new
  • Benefit Roller lash - $16
  • Lorac Pro mascara (no box) - $10
  • Smashbox full exposure mascara (no box) - $10
Mid end mini mascaras: All new, $4 each
  • Josie Maran black oil mascara
  • Benefit they’re real mascara
  • Urban Decay perversion mascara x2 (1 sold)
  • Lancome Hypnose drama mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners:
  • Binge (sharpened 2-3x) - $7
  • Minx (BNIB, but liner is slightly sunken into the tube. Shouldn’t affect use, see pic) - $10
  • Lure (BNIB) - $10
Too Faced 3-way lash lining tool (BNIB) - $10
Higher end mini eye pencils: All new
  • ABH eyebrow pencil mini, dark brown (BN) - $2
  • NARS black eyeliner mini (BN) - $4
  • KVD tattoo liner mini in “trooper” (BN) - $5
Lower end eyeliners: All new
  • Me.in (?) eyeliner in amethyst - $1
  • Nicka K shimmer liquid eyeliner in blue and green colors ($3 each)
  • Dimitri James eyeliner (blue color maybe called “cobalt?” Can check if you want to know) - $1
  • OFRA eyebrow pencil (I believe it’s just a “universal" brown color but can check) - $2
  • Cailyn line fix gel eyeliner (slate gray color) - $3
Higher end eyeshadow singles with compacts: first three | last three
  • Nars Dual Intensity in “himalia” (BN) - $10
  • Bare Minerals loose shadow in “cultured pearl” (BN and sealed, but rattled around in my purse for a while so front and back label are rubbed off) - $4
  • Lancome “purple pumps” (BN) - $8
  • Urban Decay “strip” (swatched, old packaging/Discontinued) - $8
  • Urban Decay “oz” (swatched, LE from the Glinda collection) - $8
  • Mac large shadow duo in “odd couple” (med. usage) - $8
Colourpop shadows in Hanky Panky, Bandit, Dare (see usage) - $4 each (bottom left sold)
Shadow pans: Most are either swatched or used 1-2x unless otherwise mentioned. Many of the mac pans are depots from various quads so they dont have the original label, but all are authentic.
  • Mac 1 | backs - gesso, beauty sleep, look at the eyes, vex, stars and rockets ($5 each)
  • Mac 2 | backs - goldmine, tempting, smut, suspicion ($5 each)
  • Mac 3, well loved or damaged - aqua (pro), aquadisiac, miss piggy pink ($3 each) | Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the backs of these, so LMK if you want one
  • ABH shadows | labels - bling, fresh peach ($8 each)
  • MUG - beaches and cream, casino (slightly higher usage), bada bing, mirage, desert sands ($4 each for casino and mirage, $5 each for the rest) | note: these were all depotted from either the vegas lights or Manny palette, so they don’t have a label on the back, but rather, their names printed directly on the pans.
  • Mac Brazenly and MUG Unexpected, Sensuous | Backs - Brazenly (LE) used a couple times, $6; Sensuous has small dip ($4), and Unexpected used 2-3x ($5)
  • Randoms | backs - Inglot 450, Inglot 605, Saucebox “spectral” ($5 each)
Drugstore small palettes $2 each, see usage
  • Milani runway eyes “01 designer browns”
  • ELF “party purple”
  • Wet n Wild mega eyes “accentuates brown and hazel eyes”
Drugstore shadow compacts: - $1 each
  • NYX “cryptonite” (new)
  • Revlon “plum galaxy” (new)
  • Hard Candy “high maintenance” (used 1x)
  • Wet n’ Wild (some blue color)
Lower end loose shadows: first 3 | last 2 - $1 each
  • Bella terra mineral shimmer in “emotion” (BN, smoky purple)
  • Ulta mineral loose shadow in “snow” (used 1x?)
  • NYX glitter on the go in “royal purple" (used 2x)
  • Maybelline color tattoo pigment in “potent purple" (new)
  • Cailyn eye polish “orchid” (swatched)
Maybelline color tattoos: $3 each for new ones, $2 each for used ones
Loreal infallible eyeshadows: $2 each, see usage
  • colors: midnight blue, endless sea, purple priority, perpetual purple, continuous cocoa, bottomless java
Lower end cream shadows and shadow sticks
  • Be a bombshell eye base in “submissive” (swatched) - $1
  • Chella highlighter crayon in “ivory lace” (used but never sharpened) - $2
  • Jelly pong pong 2 in 1 eyelineeyeshadow stick (bronzey color, BN) - $1
  • Trestique shadow stick in “bisque” (BN) - $1

Face Products

BB creams
  • Urban Decay naked skin beauty balm in medium. I have one used 2x ($12) and one new and sealed ($15)
  • Becca SPF 30 Mineral tint in shade light (BN and sealed) - $12
Bare Minerals
  • Foundation starter kit - it’s hard to estimate, but I’d say there’s at least 60% left in each of these items. Great for someone who wants to try the line out. Includes original mineral foundation in “light,” original mineral veil, and “warmth” bronzer - $12 for all
  • Well-rested eye highlighter pen (full sized, used 3-4x) - $5
Drugstore foudation/concealer
  • Maybelline Fitme matte and poreless shade 120 (used a couple times) - $2
  • Rimmel stay matte shade 100 ivory (used a couple times) - $2
  • Yaby concealer in "buff" (BN) - $1
  • NARS orgasm from the orgasm/laguna duo, so it’s basically a mini size (used many times but still no dip) - $7
  • Benefit coralista (BN, comes with the hoola brush which is also BN) - $15
  • Becca “sweetpea” (used 2x) - $25
Blush and highlighter pans
  • Inglot blush #51 (gently used) - $5
  • MUG “summer fling” (used 1-2x) - $6
  • Depot/repressed Becca Moonstone - $6 (some may have seen my first destash post, where I basically took all my F/S becca highlighters that I’ll never use up in 100 years, smashed them up, and repressed them. I have one moonstone left. Feel free to ask questions, but I press using 90% isopropyl alcohol into 26mm magnetic pans (same size as MAC, MUG, ABH eyeshadows). I used my full sized becca highlighters for months before doing this, and since then I’ve used my repressed versions for months, and I haven’t noticed any difference in pigment/texture/etc nor had any issues)
Bunches of D/S Face items: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 - New unless otherwise noted
  • Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer - $5
  • Too Faced Primed and Poreless face primer - $3
  • Kroylan cream highlighter in “cashmere” (used a few times) - $2
  • MUFE HD setting powder - $2
  • The Balm blush/bronzer in “take a dip” - $2
  • Tarte slenderizer contour stick - $2
  • Juice Beauty CC cream in “desert glow” - $1
  • MAKE face gloss (highlighter?) - $1
  • Too Cool For School pearl bay invasion highlighter - $2
  • Benefit Hoola bronzer - $3
  • Benefit Hoola zero tanlines (liquid bronzer? self tanner?) and sponge - $2
  • Benefit dew the hoola liquid bronzer - $2
  • Tarte tarteguard SPF 30 - $3
  • Bare Minerals Bareskin liquid bronzer - $2
  • Becca backlight priming filter - $7
  • Burberry fresh glow primer - $7
  • Urban Decay makeup setting spray - $4
  • Benefit the pore license to blot stick - $2
  • Benefit porefessional primer - $4

Nail Polish

Picture: All new
  • Sally Hansen fuzzy coat in “fuzz-sea” - $1
  • Nails inc matte top coat - $4
  • Julep Lexie, Courtney, and Anisa - $2 each
  • Sally Hansen Carnival (top coat?) - $1
  • Formula X Astronomical - $3

D/S Skincare

All new unless otherwise specified
  • Hey Honey take it off mask - $2
  • Real Chemistry luminous 3 minute peel - $3
  • Malin + Goetz clarifying clay mask - $3
Scrubs and Washes
  • CeraVe hydrating cleanser - $2
  • Boscia makeup breakup cleansing oil - $4
  • Mac teeny tiny eye makeup remover - $1
  • Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover - $2
  • Josie Maran argan cleansing oil - $3
  • Epice purifying exfoliant - $3
  • Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion scrub - $4
Hydrating stuff
  • Dr. Jart night beauty balm - $3
  • Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base - $4
  • Fresh black tea “age delay instant infusion” - $4
  • Julep Luxe repair skin serum (may be full size?) - $4
  • Philosophy ultimate miracle worker night cream - $3
  • Korres wild rose sleeping facial - $3
  • Tarte rainforest of the sea hydrating mist - $2
  • First Aid Beauty vitamin hydrating mist - $5

D/S Hair

All new unless otherwise specified
  • Eva NYC volumizing spray - $2
  • Serge Normant “dream big” instant volumizing spray - $3
  • Proganix volume & body builder - $4 (heavy)
  • Octavia La playa sea salt texturizing spray - $2
  • Beauty protector leave detangling leave-in conditioner - $3
  • Sexy hair 450 blow out (volumizing? hairspray?) spray - $2
  • Oil of Morocco argan oil hairspray - $2
  • R+Co Death Valley dry shampoo - $4
  • Amika perk up dry shampoo - $3
Non Sprays

Random Things that defy my categorization abilities

Random things that you put on your body
  • Victor and Rolf flower bomb perfume mini (new) - $6
  • L’occitaine hand d/s hand creme (new, I don’t see the scent listed) - $2
  • Whish body butter - $1
  • J.Cat eyelashes + lash glue pack - $1
Random things you put your makeup into
  • Mac quad (normal wear & tear + glue residue on bottoms of the pans that look ugly but will be under your pans anyway) - $2
  • Mac 15 pan empty palette (old style? normal wear and tear, no outstanding damage) - $7 ***pic of mac open | pic of mac closed
  • Ricky’s NYC edition large Z Palette | Back (shadows not included, but are for sale, above) - used for a while, so normal weatear, plus top right corner is scuffed from my devil parrots thinking it was a chew toy. - $17
  • Gutted Becca highlighter compacts - the carcasses leftover from my Becca highlighter depotting/repressing (see above). I can clean them up if you want, but otherwise they’ve still got powder residue to remind them of the greatness they once housed. If it matters, I have moonstone, opal, pearl, and champagne pop. Free with any order or just pay shipping.
submitted by mutterings to makeupexchange [link] [comments]

Things To Do! 3/30/17 - 4/6/17

Hey folks! I hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. Lucky for us there's a bunch of upcoming events that let us play outside. For those of you with allergies, my condolences.
As always, if you know about an event this week that I have missed, please share the details in the comments below. If you have a future event, you can PM me the details and I'll make sure to get it listed, both here and on www.dfwexplorer.com. The list on the website does have some bonus days, so if you want a jumpstart on planning next weekend, head that direction.
And don't forget to check out The Mid Day Show on Fridays at 12pm, I'll be on around 12.30p talking about my top picks for the weekend.
On to the list!
Friends of the Arlington Public Library Book Sale April 5 - 9.
Ennis Bluebonnet Trails in Ennis, April 1 - 30.
Picasso’s ‘Dream and Lie of Franco’: The Spanish Civil War in Print at the Meadows Museum at SMU, April 2 - July 2.
Peter and the Starcatchers at the Firehouse Theatre, April 6 - 23.
Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival at various locations, March 30 - April 1.
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Winspear Opera House, March 31 - April 1.
‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ at the Inwood Theater, March 31 - April 1.
Fran Lebowitz at the Wyly Theater, March 31 - April 1.
Stamp & Scrapbook Expo at the Grapevine Convention Center, March 31 - April 1.
Spring Bluegrass Festival at Oakdale Park, March 31 - April 2.
Vintage Market Days in Glen Rose, March 31 - April 2.
Fan Expo Dallas at the Dallas Convention Center, March 31 - April 2.
007: The Music of James Bond at the Bass Performance Hall, March 31 - April 2.
Big Texas Beer Fest at Fair Park, March 31 - April 1.
Arts in the Square at Frisco Square, April 1 - 2.
Travel & Adventure Show at Dallas Market Hall, April 1 - 2.
Big Mamou Cajun Festival at Traders Village in Grand Prairie, April 1 - 2.
Broadway Bar Crawl hosted by the AT&T Performing Arts Center, and going down Greenville Ave.
Joint Lecture: John Neely Bryan at the Dallas Heritage Village.
Aging Well Expo at the Bob Duncan Center in Arlington.
Nasher Prize Graduate Symposium at the Nasher Sculpture Center.
Sammons Lunch Jam: Popular Music at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.
John Neely Bryan: Father of Dallas event and book signing with the Dallas Historical Society.
Celebration! White Rock at White Rock Trail.
Farm Shed Dinner - Celebrate Spring at the Dallas Farmers Market.
Thirsty Thursday at The Wild Detectives.
LAST CHANCE Safe House exhibit at the South Dallas Cultural Center, through March 31.
LAST CHANCE Invisible: New Works by Ciara Ellen Bryant at the South Dallas Cultural Center, March 3 - 31
Donnie Darko 4k + Asukubus Record Release Show at Texas Theatre.
Book Launch: Revenge of the Star Survivors at Barnes & Noble Dallas - Lincoln Park.
Vision FW’s 10th Birthday Bash and Art Walk at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.
Nasher Prize Dialogues at the Nasher Sculpture Center.
POURS - Booze, Coffee, & Food at the Dallas Farmers Market.
Commerce Street Night Market hosted by Little D Market.
Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at the Meadows Museum.
Friday Night Block Party at Rex’s Seafood at the Dallas Farmer’s Market.
Bishop Arts Wine Walk in the Bishop Arts District.
Mother Son Bonding: Casino Royale 007 at the Compass Center in Grapevine.
National Crayon Day at ICE at the Parks.
Edgefest at Toyota Stadium.
Science on Tap with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
Walk MS: Fort Worth at Trinity Park.
Cars and Coffee in Plano.
Tyler Street Market hosted by Good Local Markets.
Foam Wonderland: Climax Tour at Gilley’s Dallas.
Gun Fights and Old Time Music Jam at the Dallas Heritage Village.
Blacklight Slide at Globe Life Park.
Zoo Run at the Fort Worth Zoo.
Salsa & Bachata Dancing at the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge.
Gangster Rap Yoga at Jade & Clover.
Blackland Prairie Nature Preserve Fieldtrip hosted by the FW Chapter of Native Prairies Association of Texas.
All Things Literary: Author Expo And Writer’s Forum at the Southwest Branch of the Arlington Public Library.
White Rock Market hosted by Good Local Markets, opening their 9th season.
2017 Season Opening Day at the Grand Prairie Farmers Market.
Opening Day of the Farmers Branch Market.
Farmers Branch Vintage Base Ball Festival at the Farmers Branch Historical Park.
Grand Opening! at the Burleson’s Farmer’s Market.
South Asian Bridal Expo 2017 at the Courtyard & Towneplace Suites Grapevine.
Raised Beds and Irrigation at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.
TOMS + Dillard’s Meet & Greet with Blake Mycoskie at NorthPark Center.
Haltom City Carfest at Haltom High School.
Irving Vintage Trail Market Days at Irving Heritage Park.
Annual Glass Sale at Studio Arts Center at UTA.
Block Party at Recipe Oak Cliff.
City Expo & Pet Fair at The Bedford Boys Ranch.
Bark for Life Family Festival at the Midlothian Civic Center.
Mesquite Rodeo Parade in Downtown Mesquite.
Earth Party 2017 at the Fort Worth Water Gardens.
Experience Lowest Greenville hosted by the Lowest Greenville Collective.
Spring Guided Hike at the Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake.
Stone Park Better Block in Dallas.
NRH Mayor’s 5K Walk at the NRH Centre.
How Do I...Garden for Butterflies? at the Texas Discovery Gardens.
Photo Swap Meet at the Dallas Center for Photography.
Big D Marathon at Fair Park.
2017 Irving Marathon at the Irving Convention Center.
Super Portable Sunday at Game Over Videogames in Arlington.
Charcuterie Class w/ Brian Polcyn at Miller & Associates, hosted by South Texas Heritage Pork.
2nd Annual Frisco Crawfish Festival: ‘Claws for Paws’ at Rockin S Bar & Grill.
KNON’s 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off and Concert at The Gas Monkey Garage Bar and Grill.
Spring Tourney: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 at Free Play Richardson.
An Afternoon of Jazz at Veteran’s Park with the Arlington Community Band.
PUBlic Knowledge: Black Holes at The Live Oak with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
‘Blow-Up’ at the Magnolia Theater.
Tuesday Evening Lectures: Annette Lawrence at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
Free Race! April PR Day hosted by A Tribe Called “We Run Big D”.
Derby Hatterdashery at Arlington Hall Conservancy.
‘Blade Runner: Final Cut’ at Studio Movie Grill.
Sammons Lunch Jam: Dance at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.
Easter Pictures at Cowtown Canines Dog Daycare.
Fly Fishing Film Tour 2017 hosted by Casting for Recovery at Community Beer Company.
Nissan Nightlife Concert Series: Eric Paslay & DJ Christy Ray at Klyde Warren Park.
Steak of the Arts at the Mopac Event Center, hosted by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.
Movies in the Park: ‘Jailhouse Rock’ at Main Street Garden.
St. Louis Shag at the Fort Worth Swing Dance Syndicate.
National Theatre Live: Twelfth Night at the Angelika Dallas.
First Thursday: Nano at the Perot Museum.
Two Trains Running at the Jubliee Theatre, March 17 - April 16.
‘...a moment in the life of Willa Dee Arvis’ at Stone Cottage Theater, March 30 - April 23.
Richard Serra: Prints at the Nasher Sculpture Center, January 28 - April 30.
Captain Phantasm Meets Major Majestic at Pocket Sandwich Theater, March 31 - May 13.
Polly Smith: A Texas Journey at Fair Park with the Dallas Historical Society, February 1 - May 27.
Passages in Modern Art: 1946-1996 at the Dallas Museum of Art, through May 28.
the Wittgenstein Vitrine at the Dallas Museum of Art, through May 28.
‘Between Heaven and Hell’: The Drawings of Jusepe de Ribera at the Meadows Museum, through June 11.
Mexico 1900-1950: Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Jose Clemente Orozco, and the Avant-Garde at the Dallas Museum of Art, through July 16.
‘Dream Big: Engineering Our World’ film showing at the Omni IMAX at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, February 17 - August 13.
Hidden Treasures: Celebrating 75 Years at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, through September 1.
Texas Under Six Flags exhibit at the Dallas Historical Society, through September 1.
Waxed: Batik from Java at the Dallas Museum of Art, through September 10.
Tumbleweed Rumble at Artisan Second Stage, through December 2017.
Ten Bells Tavern hosts pub quizzes every other Wednesday at their location in Oak Cliff/Bishop Arts.
Kwest, a city exploration app is available for Denton, Grapevine, Bishop Arts, Uptown, and the Zoo.
Dallas Games Marathon in Plano every Thursday
Feed The City, hosted by Volunteer North Dallas at Gordon Biersch in Plano, is a public effort to make sandwiches/meals for the homeless. Every first Saturday at 8.30am.
West 7th Farmers Market on Crockett Street in Fort Worth, every Thursday.
Classical Open Mic at Buzzbrews weekly.
The Dallas Swing Dance Society will host lessons and dances on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturdays of the month.
Geeks Who Drink host trivia at various places and locations throughout the Metroplex, including Alamo Drafthouse on Mondays, Cedar Springs Tap House Tuesday at 7, and Bryan Street Tavern Wednesday at 8.
Free Improv Jam Session and Open Mic Night every Tuesday at the Dallas Comedy House, among various other fun activities weekly.
Various shows at the Planetarium at UT Arlington.
Various classes are offered at the Dallas Arboretum weekly, everything from silk screening to gardening information to fused glass making.
Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show every weekend at the Stockyards.
Parkour In the Park has free classes every Saturday at the Water Gardens in Fort Worth, Reverchon Park in Dallas, or Robert E. Lee Park in Dallas.
Every Tuesday is Open Mic Night at the Free Man in Deep Ellum.
At Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson every Sunday is Board Game Night and Tuesdays are Tiki Bingo Night.
Stockyards Rodeo every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm in the Stockyards.
Every Saturday is the Coppell Farmers Market in Old Town Coppell.
Classical Open Mic at BuzzBrews in Dallas every Tuesday.
Tuesday Tease weekly at Sue Ellen’s Dallas.
Trinity Hall has lots of weekly things, like Pub Trivia on Sundays and Texas Hold ‘Em on Mondays.
Book a trapeze class at Skyline Trapeze in Dallas CLOSED FOR THE WINTER SEASON.
Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventures let you tour Dallas while doing an Amazing Race style scavenger hunt on your smart phone.
Have a wonderful week, all!
submitted by DFW_Explorer to Dallas [link] [comments]

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