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Robert Half Accountant Idyllwild
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[Table] IamA News Helicopter Pilot/Reporter Bruce Haffner redditing live, flying in the chopper over Phoenix this morning AMA!

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Date: 2014-05-30
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How often do you use the expression "Get to the chopper"? Every chance I get ;)
Phoenician here. When I am looking up at you angrily from the shitty traffic that I am in, do you look back and laugh? Link to
Any cool stories? Insane? Funny? A car chase with 3 carjackings, 3 collisions, and shooting at police.
I've had the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus fly with me in the chopper.
Luis Gonzales after his winning hit in the 2001 World Series.
I've had all the mascots for Arizona's sports teams fly in the chopper on TV.
Every Day there's something new and crazy and exciting and sad and insane happening, and we capture it all from the air.
How has news choppering in the valley changed following the 2007 incident? Are there new electronic systems in place, or simply updated safety procedures? Updated safety procedures. There was nothing changed in the regulations, but all helicopter operators are tenacious talking on the helicopter frequency air-to-air, announcing their positions, and talking to other pilots in the area. 'Talk, See, and Avoid Tactics'
What would the FAA say about texting while flying? My photographer is texting my replies. I can also reply when on the ground. Safety is very important to me.
Hi there. Have you ever aided the police in a fugitive type situation? Yes commonly. Sometimes we spot the suspect with our camera, sometimes we are over the scene before the police or fire are there. Sometimes fire asks us to check hard to reach areas for fire. We've also looked down into cars where SWAT can't see to check if suspects have weapons in the footwells or console.
You have what would be many people's dream job. Is it yours? If not, what did you want to be when you were a little kid? Why? Fly safe!! : ) As I always say, this sure beats working for a living! and 'I should get paid for this!' :) Seriously, it is the greatest job in the world! I got my love of helicopters - after a helicopter pilot visited my school in first grade. Now I enjoy flying around to schools and encouraging kids to dream big!
How often do you fly for your job? Are flights scheduled ahead of time, or do you get sent up when something particularly newsworthy is happening? Every weekday morning. 3-4 hours each morning.
Can you see my parents? Funny you ask.. I just flew over their home... And everyone else's in Phoenix ;)
What is your educational background and how did you get this job? ASU graduate (go Devils!) in Journalism, started as a photographecameraman, instantly got hooked on flying in the news chopper, got pilot's license, and the rest is history.
Have you ever had any scary moments with mechanical failures? The idea of being in a helicopter has always terrified me since there isn't much you can do if the engine stops. Is auto rotation something that helicopter pilots are usually taught? What Harry said. That's why i like flying helicopters.
Being up in the sky looking down on the houses and yards of Phoenix residents, what's the strangest thing you've seen on the ground? Naked sun bathers? A yard with 40 dogs and an emu? So YOU'RE the guy with the EMU.
And yes. Naked sunbathers. Everywhere.
How much does it cost per flight? Around $450/hr.
Bruce, what's my commute like this morning? No, YOU'RE awesome.
Seriously, though, thank you for being awesome! Link to
Are you always flying? I mean... if it were a very slow news day, do they still send you up?? If you aren't in the air, do you do anything else or is your job strictly flying? In the air every morning, and when it's slow, we find really cool stuff. If it looks like something the viewers would like, we shoot it. We also monitor police/fire scanners.
What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Baskin Robbins Jamocha Almond Fudge.
What do you do the rest of they day after flying for 3-4 hours? We shoot TV commercials, documentaries, and other production work, and detail the chopper. Edit video and think of new cool stuff to do with the chopper. It is great owning a chopper with an awesome camera (his name is Elvis).
I work on a weather program for the FAA and our meteorologists joke that the WSR-88D radars in Arizona are always broken because they never display any weather (Since you get so little rain) How true is that? Not sure. All I know is the sun is out every day, but I check weather anyway.
Hi, person from Germany here, we don´t have News Helicopters here. What is the job of a News Helicopter Pilot? Like what is the use? I´m sorry if that sounds weird, it´s just a genuine question. Our helicopter is a tripod in the sky. The pilot steers the tripod around, and the photographereporter tells the story with the camera. This is the best way to tell certain stories. We provide a service to our viewers by showing them the traffic backups, weather and other public safetey concerns from a unique vantage point that instantly answers the question 'how will I be affected'.
Do you fly for any particular station or more independent work that you can give to any broadcaster you like? I've provided TV news and features for KTVK Channel 3 in Phoenix for 20 years.
I also fly a lot of aerial production work for everyone from Discovery, History channel, Fox Sports, TV commercials, documentaries and movies. Obligatory plug: Link to
How's the weather? Beautiful and sunny early summer day in AZ.
What's the worst weather you've had in AZ, and how'd it affect your coverage of stories? Funny, most pilots land when the weather gets bad...the TV stations launch us immediately to show storms on TV. But it's the pilots final decision as to go/no-go on a flight.
What's your favorite spot to fly over in the city? There are some beautiful views... would your photog be able to send us a nice shot of what the city looks like from your perspective? Camelback Mountain. On any given morning, you may be on the news if you make it to the top! Link to
What's the most danger you've ever been in in your line of work? Mechanical failures are scary. But we try to fly safe.
As pilots we accept the inherent risk associated with flying a man made machine, with a bunch of moving parts, keeping us in the air, high above the ground.
Any advice for an Army pilot interested in becoming a news pilot? Apply, there are many servicemen and women flying choppers. Thanks for your service protecting our freedom.
Did you see me waving? I thought that was you!
I see you have a pilots license, do you have one for plans as well our does it just apply to the helicopter? Commercial instrument helicopter and private plane.
Hey Bruce! Tempe resident and ASU student here. Have you flown through any of the wildfires through out the years or our infamous haboob? Wildfires. Check. And yes, we've seen some big Haboobs :)
Link to
Link to
I realize you're in an R44 (not concerned about mast bumping in level flight?) but can we discuss the preference of US TV stations for the AS350 for a moment? why is it still the machine they all seem to choose over as capable and arguable superior alternatives? the MD520 seems more stable and much quieter, which over urban areas strikes me as a significant benefit, and the EC120 colibri seems like a great successor with the fenestron. so why aren't they being adopted in the way the AS350 was? These are really really good questions. I'll need more time for full answers, but we've found the Robinson to be a VERY cost effective platform for news gathering. The AStar has power to spare though. It is definitely all about how you use the tool rather than the tool itself.
question, if you will indulge me: it seems that many US TV chopper crews have no qualms assisting law enforcement i.e. during car chases, which clearly separates them from the uninvolved observer status of other reporters. how do you feel about this? what is your line that you wouldn't cross? are you worried that i.e. someone in a shootout would aim at you just as well as they would aim at cops because of the assisting role other tv chopper crews have taken? A couple years ago, we covered a swift water rescue that took 3+ hours, and the Robinson's ability to sip fuel combined with proper flying technique allowed us to cover the eventual rescue exclusively, long after the other choppers had to run back to town and top off.
Does the chopper have a.c.? I can only imagine how hot it must get up there if you don't have some sort of air conditioning. Best. A/C. EVER.
Yea thanks for representing Phoenix! What is your favorite time of day to fly? I would love to fly during sunset time or sunrises every day! What is the most amazing weather event you've seen from the skies? It's always a great time to fly. The golden hours are the best to avoid the flat midday light.
Hi Bruce, Ever done any aerobatics in your chopper? Link to Kinda: Link to
Hey Bruce! I was the guy at the Scottsdale FSDO who helped you with your motion picture manual. Have you been putting that to good use recently? I am no longer with the FAA, I went back to flying. Good to see you doing an IAMA! Thanks for the help on the manual! Putting it to good use!
How do you feel about sharing airspace with commercially operated remotely controlled helicopters? This is a great question that has been asked a few different ways.
I think its a discussion we need to have - about whether there should be regulations on RC helicopters flying in the same airspace as manned aircraft. Under the right circumstances an RC helicopter could certainly damage a small manned aircraft, but so far, they aren't often up as high as we fly. I can imagine the need for tighter regulations as they become more commonplace though.
What kind of helicopter do you pilot? I've flown a variety. Right now it's a Robinson R44. 10,000 hrs in a $3million AStar.
Phoenix native here. (Reppin that Arcadia 48th street and camelback gang, ya feel?) Where is most of the crime that you attend in the city? South phoenix? Accidents happen EVERYWHERE (buckle up) but crime usually happens in all of those places you'd expect it to in Phoenix.
Have you seen anyone get shot yet? Oh yes. Always a sad/dangerous situation.
Do you fly the news chopper for this? Does the news bureau rent out its chopper to aspiring aerial film makers? I actually own this R44, so I use it as often as possible for production projects.
Do you and Detour Dan ever have any traffic challenges, like who can get to the most problematic areas first? We are all friendly, and have a friendly competition to cover the stories well.
Where does the funding come from to afford four hour flights weekly, since I don't imagine news networks generating revenue from "customers"? Also, what kind of equipment are you on? Picture looks like an R44 Raven. We sold a sponsorship of the helicopter, so it's always the 'Fort McDowell Casino' news chopper. Here's a quick photo of our current setup: Link to
Holy crap, that's a lot of equipment in a pretty tight cockpit. We basically have a flying tv studio, complete with 4 cameras that we can switch to, along with the transmission gear, audio equipment extra radios and scanners.
Can you fly over my house and say hi to me ? I live in Chandler. Just waved at you, but you ignored us. Burned.
Ever have a " ohh shit" moment? Yep. Just now when this hit the front page :)
1) Did you recently do aerial shots for the Go AZ International Female Ride Day? I think I saw your name attached to it. Do you ride yourself? 2) July 27, 2007 is a somber day that I think about a lot, as I'm sure you do. What safety precautions have been put in place to ensure that kind of tragedy doesn't happen again and did it make you hyper-vigilant (more so than usual) about other helicopters around you? Still here. We're shooting beauty shots of various landmarks today, so I'll be checking in off and on. 1) We did shoot the awesome female bikers for GoAZ a while back. 2) we do have more safety precautions in place now. Biggest change is that we talk to the other pilots much more frequently. Constantly checking in.
I have wondered this for ages. Are you familiar with traffic wave patterns? If so, do you see them from the air and kind of smile hopelessly about how drivers are creating problems for themselves? I see them on the ground and from above it's got to be pretty hilarious to watch! Cool AMA, stay safe! It is maddening from the air. Lots if congestion for no good reason.
I came in late to the broadcast this morning, just as you seemed to be signing off. (For good?) What's going on? Are you leaving Channel 3? Yes, until we get a new sponsor, we'll be doing other production work.
How many hours do you have TT? Over 9000!!!
Hi Bruce! Would you say you're more familiar with the valley from above or on the ground? How often do you drive somewhere new and say "oh so this is what the sides of the buildings look like here."? PHX wouldn't be the same without you. Keep up the good work. All the time, I'm unfamiliar with stuff from the ground view.
You said that you fly every morning for 3-4 hours. Is this because it syncs with morning news shows? Is there another pilot/photo team that go up in the evening because I would think that would be the busiest time and would afford the most action shots. We are in in the air for most of the Good Morning Arizona show in the air so that we are first over a scene, and we've broken stories by being in the air instead of waiting to launch on a story and we are on call if needed in the afternoon/ evening.
What was the best trip you went on as a news helicopter pilot/reporter? A two day trip flying low level all the way up the coast from Newport Beach California to Seattle Washington and legally flying under the Golden Gate Bridge during the flight. We saw whales, dolphins and incredible scenery like orbiting around the Hearst Castle and low through NAPA Valley. What a view from up here!
Did you know our Captain Herb? Link to Not personally but I read of his passing in the trades. He was an incredible guy sharing the magic of flying helicopters and serving the public as a volunteer.
Bruce, we have a place in Munds Park. Can you swing up there and see if the area is still covered in smoke from the Slide Fire? PS - really hope to see you on the air again soon :`( Beautiful country up there. Whenever we cover wildfires, I always make a point to capture as much video as possible of the surrounding communities and their relationship to the fire, because it is really the residents like you who are affected. I hope all goes well for you. Link to
Have you ever dropped a bagel from your chopper? Usually too hungry for that.
Did you replace the guy who was flying over a school and a jacket full of drugs fell out? Yes. I did.
Were you the pilot who flew Blair Bunting around recently? I follow his work and saw he was flying around that area recently to shoot! (He also went to ASU like you it seems!) He's an incredible photographer.
So who is your favorite broadcaster in Phoenix to 'throw it back to' ? :) Scott Pasmore - a great guy.
This may have been asked: How did you combine flying a helicopter and reporting as a career? Sounds cool! I started as a photographer and got my license so that I could fly a better 'tripod'.
Have you ever thought about switching from the news to something else and still be able to fly and film? Maybe something like, flying the redbull chopper and filming some snowboarding? EDIT: Also, if you need a new mechanic, let me know. I'll work for free flights and maybe a parachute. That's exactly what we do now. We shoot motorsports, stock footage, productions for movies and tv, and commercials.
If you didn't get into awesome helicoptering/reporting, what would you have done instead? Flying helicopters shooting video and still photography for clients which is actually the other part of my Chopperguy business. We've shot cool stuff for production companies from around the world.
Lived in Tempe in 79-80. Remember a heavily promoted pilot named Jerry. How much time do you spend hovering over sorority house pools at ASU? You're right, Jerry Foster! The legend. I was his cameraman for a year in 1995. Really knew how to do TV from the air.
Have you ever had any operational issues due to heat during Phoenix summers? Robinsons perform really well in the heat.
Have you acquired your fixed wing pilots license, or did you go straight for rotors? It was always my dream to fly choppers. Straight to chopper license then got my fixed wing few years ago.
Hey Bruce! Keep up the good work! Link to Backatcha! Link to
Helicopter in the sky... it can fly twice as hiiighhh... ahem sorry... a bit of the LeVar Burton AMA leftover from yesterday... THAT was a great AMA.
Is there a great climate control in there, it must get hot in AZ! This R44 has best A/C of any helicopter I've ever flown.
No questions, just a hello from the 51 and Cactus Rd.! Enjoy another one of our (perpetually) sunny days. Likewise!
Sorry to hear that KTVK grounded you. Hope everything works out! Link to Its all good. We have exciting opportunities to shoot production work for movies and commercials for now. Pluggity-plug: Link to :)
When I was a child living in the Valley during the late 90's, I remember looking up at every helicopter and saying "Look! It's Bruce!" Just wanted to share this with you. :) Funny you mention it, because this is one of the most common stories I hear "Up in the sky, it's BRUCE!" I love it :)
I've got to think that you get flashed often. You would be correct.
I'm late to the party but I remember watching you on tv since I was about 5. I was always fascinated by the views from your helicopter and 16 years later I'm training to get a pilots license of my own. You're a pretty awesome guy! No, you're an awesome guy for getting your license!
I live in Phoenix and work for US Airways/American. I'll trade you some buddy passes for a ride up there. Hardly, but I'll consider real first class tickets to Maui as opposed to sitting at PHX praying the buddy passes will get me on a plane to anywhere
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