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UPDATE: More books added by siffis and West1234567890 further down
If are late coming across this post then do not worry you can still message me your email for a book.
To celebrate my day off today and Thanksgiving tomorrow I would like to gift my audiobooks.
In order to recieve a free audiobook gift just message me any title (below) along with your email address. If you have not recieved a gift before then you will get the audiobook for free. More details here and here. I am in the US market (but I hear from Canada and UK that it still works).
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siffis has generously offered to include his collection. If you like any of the books below then message directly.

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Rich / Poor Dresden

I see the diamond stash getting mentioned here and there again. People seem somewhere between upset and in disbelief over the value that Jim as assigned to the stash, after others have worked out what they think the value should be based on the descriptions we have on size/weight of the initial haul from Hades' vault.
This brings up a few questions for me: Are people just That obsessive over the accuracy of everything described on page, or Are people upset because they thought Dresden was loaded and now he's still going to have to struggle somewhat/significantly to get by financially?
IF the issue is that Dresden will be more or less broke by the time he fixes the castle, pays taxes, and puts aside money for Maggie's school, then why not simply look for an easy way to "get rich quick". Couldn't Harry and Bob hit a casino with 100K in hand and walk out loaded for life in short order? . . . do casinos have supernatural detection and prevention ability?
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Songs that will remind us of Reckful

Lets share the most common songs Reckful used on his streams which will remind us of good times.
I will start by adding few old ones:
Kaskade - 4 AM
Clams Casino - I'm God R.I.P David Higgs
Idenline - Together
Sunlounger feat. Zara - Lost (Chill)
Sunlounger ft. Zara - Talk To Me (Chill Mix)
Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Mix)
DJ Shah feat. Aruna - Now or Never (Acoustic)
Phaeleh - Afterglow feat Soundmouse
John O`Callaghan ft. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky
College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack)
Kavinsky - Nightcall (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack)
Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe
Maduk ft Veela - Ghost Assassin
Song Of Storms Dubstep Remix - Ephixa
and ofcourse:
Utah Saints - Something Good (High Contrast Remix)

EDIT: Thanks everyone for each entry and thanks to Chris for creating a public playlist on youtube:
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Magistrale all'estero

Ciao a tutti, sono al terzo anno di elettronica e sto pensando di fare la magistrale interamente all'estero. Quest'idea è nata perchè:
La magistrale all'estero però dal canto suo mi fa un po' paura (sarebbe un completo salto nel vuoto) e sto cercando delle informazioni sugli atenei che mi interessano di più (RWTH Aachen, TU Dresden, KU Leuven e UCL).
Qualcuno di voi ha esperienze con queste uni/ esperienze simili di erasmus al poli?
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I finished Choosen

So that was a ride. I should have realized Rachel had harvested her BFF. All the pieces have been there at least in book two. There was the point where I thought "Oh no. So that is why she is crazy." Then there were thoughts about what if a strong enough personality does it, a proper psychopath that is at peace with his victims screaming at him? Or a cult leader were the harvested want it? Also if Deleo has harvested Shireen and has her magic shouldn't she also be able to do fire magic? Anyway if she can do it we will get there. Also that nameless dark thing Shireen called was something new and scary. Reminds me a bit of Pratchett's Calling Darkness( the rune has to be written by a Dwarf in his own blood who is dying alone in the dark). Let's see how forgiving Rachel will work out.
Obligatory the fights at the mansion were great. I have the feeling there will always a mansion to have a fight at.
The Casino was also brutal and a lesson about the limits of Alex magic. The scene with Will felt a bit Princess bride/Inigo Montoya. Deleo's at the mansion was a bit Dath Vader ((EU) I have killed many fathers. You have to be more specific). Her 'It could be that I killed multiple Catherine. I didn't ask their names.' was like tailored to make Will flip out. The blood is better on Deleo's and Cinder's hands then with Luna and the others. Also great plan on Alex part. Maybe we see Captain America again. Depends on Deleo's and Cinder's mood. The Adepts had potential.
Again Arachne makes the best gadgets. I look forward how Alex works without his favorite, the Mistcloak.
The discussion on how much violence is appropriate and justified was kind of interesting. I didn't enjoy Elsewhere, it doesn't really do anything but being an information source and a comulication back channel. The Nevernever does so much more for the Dresden books.
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Thomas Schumacher Updates

Thomas Schumacher Updates


Thomas Schumacher My House Is Your House On Fritz (10.02.2001)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Cafe Dealgne (18.05.2001)
Thomas Schumacher & Fengari Live @ Matrix Berlin (06.07.2001)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Poison Club Dusseldorf (15.09.2001)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Ambasada Gavioli Izola Slovenia (11.11.2001)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Achtermai Chemnitz (24.11.2001)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Kilowatt Dresden N4T (25.01.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Tor 3 Dusseldorf (15.03.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Kanty Jaworzno Poland (26.04.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Shockers Festival Holland (28.04.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Qontact Amsterdam (28.04.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ MayDay Dortmund (30.04.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ MTW Offenbach (11.05.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Spielzeugnacht V2 Nurnberg (17.05.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ 3 Years Phonodrome Phonodrome Hamburg (25.05.2002)
Thomas Schumacher, Harre & Henry Live @ 3 Years Phonodrome Hamburg (25.05.2002)
Andreas Kramer, Thomas Schumacher & Takkyu Ishino Live @ Pleasure Dome Augsburg (18.11.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live 10 Years Tendance Casino Club Berlin (14.12.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Orgasmatron Italy (21.12.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Subsoil Germany (28.12.2002)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Electric Delicate Munich (08.03.2003)
Thomas Schumacher On Sputnik Radio (xx.xx.2003)
Thomas Schumacher Radiofantasy On Radio Soundsupreme Germany (27.11.2004)
Thomas Schumacher On Big City Beats (04.12.2004)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Sputnik Turntable Days (14.05.2005)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Sodoma Milan (14.12.2005)
Thomas Schumacher On N-Joy Radio (27.01.2006)
Thomas Schumacher On Lohro Radio Rostock (11.02.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Electronation On Kink Fm (25.02.2006)
Anette Party & Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rote Sonne Munich (31.03.2006)
Fergie On Radio One Guest Thomas Schumacher (05.05.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Electronic Session Antennewest (27.05.2006)
Thomas Schumacher On You FM Sounds (15.06.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Machine Sounds On Proton Radio (21.06.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Sound Supreme On Radio Fantasy (29.07.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Das Ding On Plattenleger (03.09.2006)
Thomas Schumacher On Clubnight (21.10.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Live Studio 88 Club France (03.11.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rave On Snow Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang (15.12.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rave on Snow Garage Club Saalbach (15.12.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rave on Snow Garage Club Saalbach (16.12.2006)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Diabolika Level One NRG Superclub Rome (03.02.2007)
Thomas Schumacher In the Mix On N-Joy (05.04.2007)
Thomas Schumacher On Bash Fm Hamburg (13.06.2007)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Extreme Outdoor Aquabest Eindhoven (21.07.2007)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Urban Art Forms Festival (04.08.2007)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ 10 Years Chew The Fat Tour The End London (14.12.2007)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Igloofest (19.01.2008)
Thomas Schumacher On Swound Sound System (26.01.2008)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Club Locca Weimar (09.02.2008)
Thomas Schumacher On Plattenbau (09.02.2008)
Thomas Schumacher Get Wilde On Proton Radio (19.02.2008)
Thomas Schumacher Live Forsage Kiev (06.03.2008)
Thomas Schumacher Swound Sound System On FM 4 (10.05.2008)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Renesanz Metamorphosis International Fair Plovdiv (15.11.2008)
Thomas Schumacher February-March Promo Mix (28.01.2009)
Thomas Schumacher Electronation On Kink FM (14.02.2009)
Thomas Schumacher March-April Podcast (Minimalize Your Night) (03.03.2009)
Thomas Schumacher Across the Line On BBC Radio (18.03.2009)
Thomas Schumacher May-June Promo Mix On Input Selector Podcast 008 (xx.04.2009)
Thomas Schumacher Input Selector Podcast IS 008 (xx.05.2009)
DJ T & Thomas Schumacher Labelshow Get Physical On Bytefm (05.07.2009)
Thomas Schumacher On Noice Podcast #047 (08.07.2009)
DJ T & Thomas Schumacher Live @ 7 Years Get Physical Watergate Berlin (16.09.2009)
Thomas Schumacher Get Physical Presents On Samurai FM (30.09.2009)
Thomas Schumacher On Get Physical Radio (30.09.2009)
Thomas Schumacher The CLR Podcast #034 (19.10.2009)
Thomas Schumacher January-February Promo Mix (20.01.2010)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rocker 33 Stuttgart (05.02.2010)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rocker 33 Stuttgart (05.02.2010)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Get Physical Beach Party Gansevoort Hotel WMC (25.03.2010)
Thomas Schumacher On Clubnight (03.04.2010)
Thomas Schumacher On The Future Underground Show (20.04.2010)
Thomas Schumacher On Bodytonic Podcast #082 (01.06.2010)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Alive Festival Sucasa Club Ulm (19.07.2010)
Thomas Schumacher 8 Years Of Get Physical Promo DJ Mix On Clash Music Podcast (16.09.2010)
Thomas Schumacher On PhonanzaFM (29.10.2010)
Thomas Schumacher Hybrid Life Podcast 012 (11.11.2010)
Thomas Schumacher Noice On Proton Radio (01.12.2010)
Thomas Schumacher & Julietta Live @ 8 Years Get Physical Harry Klein Club Munich (08.01.2011)
Thomas Schumacher Ground Level Sessions in Ibiza On Global Radio Ibiza (29.01.2011)
Thomas Schumacher January Promo Mix (xx.01.2011)
Thomas Schumacher Live iLL Communications Trilogy Dubai (25.02.2011)
Thomas Schumacher February Promo Mix (xx.02.2011)
Thomas Schumacher March Mixtape On Noir Music Podcast (03.03.2011)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Voidd Studio 80 Amsterdam (12.03.2011)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Voidd Studio 80 (12.03.2011)
Thomas Schumacher On Egostereo McGroove Radio Show (14.05.2011)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Welcome To The Future Het Twiske Amsterdam (06.08.2011)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Welcome To The Future Festival Amsterdam (06.08.2011)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Dommune Tokyo (17.10.2011)
Thomas Schumacher On Plattenleger (13.11.2011)
Merlyn Martin Subdivisions 056 Featuring Thomas Schumacher (01.12.2011)
Thomas Schumacher On Subdivisions 056 (04.12.2011)
Thomas Schumacher B2B Mgness Live @ Fusion Club Munster (28.01.2012)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Tanz Mit .. Fusion Club Munster (28.01.2012)
Thomas Schumacher & Hammerstingl Live @ Sakog Kulturwerk Austria (21.04.2012)
Thomas Schumacher Spring Mixtape (15.05.2012)
Thomas Schumacher On Plattenleger (05.06.2012)
Thomas Schumacher On We Love Deeper Radioshow (05.06.2012)
Thomas Schumacher & Dennis Ruyer Dance Department On Radio 538 (19.08.2012)
Thomas Schumacher On Cirque du Son Radio Show 007 (14.09.2012)
Thomas Schumacher On Plattenleger (14.10.2012)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Hirsch Nuernberg (26.01.2013)
Thomas Schumacher Different Grooves On Air 060 (04.03.2013)
Thomas Schumacher On Djforum.it Podcast 22 (26.03.2013)
Thomas Schumacher Stand Up For Your DJ Mix (19.04.2013)
Thomas Schumacher On Kling Klong (25.04.2013)
Thomas Schumacher On Plattenleger (28.04.2013)
Thomas Schumacher On Lima Xpress Radio (xx.04.2013)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Beatport Berlin (03.05.2013)
Thomas Schumacher Minimix Podcast Minimal Spieltrieb Spezial 01 (16.12.2013)
Thomas Schumacher On Plattenleger (22.12.2013)
Thomas Schumacher On Mix Mission SSL (25.12.2013)
Thomas Schumacher Ill Do You DJ Mix (05.02.2014)
Thomas Schumacher Kling Klong Showcase (08.02.2014)
Thomas Schumacher On Plattenleger (23.02.2014)
Thomas Schumacher On Dig My Chili Radio Show 105 (26.02.2014)
Thomas Schumacher Delicious Housetunes On Hitradio Msone (27.02.2014)
Thomas Schumacher On Get Physical Sessions 13 (27.02.2014)
Thomas Schumacher On MaGmA Global Groove 498 (13.03.2014)
Thomas Schumacher Dance Department On Radio538 (22.03.2014)
Thomas Schumacher Studio Mix On Suara PodCats 010 (08.04.2014)
Thomas Schumacher Kling Klong Mix (17.11.2014)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rusted Records Label Party Breakfast Club Tel Aviv (20.12.2014)
Thomas Schumacher On Mix Mission SSL (31.12.2014)
Thomas Schumacher Dance Department On Radio 538 (17.01.2015)
Thomas Schumacher Pornographic Podcast #148 (18.02.2016)
Thomas Schumacher On Dear Deer Radioshow 004 (07.04.2016)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Magdalena Berlin (30.06.2016)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Fusion Festival Germany (01.07.2016)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Niejeliebt Magdalena Berlin (10.09.2016)
Thomas Schumacher Techno Cave Podcast 003 (31.01.2017)
Thomas Schumacher Nexus Festival Podcast 019 (19.06.2017)
Thomas Schumacher On Suara PodCats 189 (22.09.2017)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Jeden Tag Ein Set Live Die Rakete Nurnberg (07.12.2017)
Claire Morgan & Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rainbow Serpent Festival Lexton Australia (26.01.2018)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Rainbow Serpent Festival Lexton Australia (27.01.2018)
Thomas Schumacher Live @ Brown Alley Melbourne (03.08.2018)
Thomas Schumacher On House FM (xx.xx.xxxx)
Thomas Schumacher On Sputnik Intensivstation (xx.xx.xxxx)
Thomas Schumacher Schlachthof (xx.xx.xxxx)
Thomas Schumacher Tacheles (xx.xx.xxxx)

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Legacy- LTA (the lines are for the chorus for the featured artist)

I used to be the type of kid that dreaded waking up on mornings
Fight with thoughts being dead make my thoughts start storming
In my head, felt right that no matter the heart, I’m not important
In football I saw red, felt light as the anger began to lie dormant
I always try so hard in football, but I couldn’t get it to work
Stay putting all my effort, and it would make me go berserk
With it being what I loved, it was crazy how much it hurt
It stayed feeding off my blood, in my passion my demons lurked
I suppose I know I need to get up and drink the Kool-Aid
Think if I got stuffed with hate they would say hooray
Snapped to reality, this was a fallacy I was really trapped
Just another causality, my demise was really mapped
My burdens were hurting, felt the weight, how it was stout
Is it too late to stop cursing myself? Time for another bout
With the fakes who hate me for my mental wealth, you just want clout
Snakes were never gentle, they would pay to see my life hard throughout —————————————————
I used to be the type of kid who was steadily insecure
At the height of my passion, I would’ve never fled the lure
Hindsight I see them laughing, I did find I had to endure
Stashing hate might make it okay, I never did find a cure
To my anxiety so I try to be laser focused
They treated me with notoriety, a society of haters noticed
They would’ve tried to rip my soul out my body probably
Dug myself in a hole to die then realized I’m a Kamikaze
Why quit on my dreams, address me as the one to rip the seams
Out of this rap shit, they confess but now I kill this by any means
In this I could slaughter giants, my father told me be a tyrant
Now I refuse to be compliant, I’m the one foretold by Mayans
I’m the coming of Armageddon, I see the fakes faces redden
I’m something else to behold, so here’s how my story will unfold
When it came to fighting with myself, I was the primary model
Why it’s scary now though is I caught lightning in a bottle
Now foot heavy on the throttle, covered in soot, I want all the smoke
Others want me to go caput, but never helped me when I was broke
They hope I fall cuz all my accomplishments I did with no accomplice
Though they give compliments but they wish I’d back track to being harmless
So I’ll say it with my chest then, shout to the white boy from Dresden
To inspire me, with Andre, Mos Def, and D-R-E
Black Thought, KDot, Kool G, Eazy E
You may never hear of me
But you help show LTA the person he could possibly be ——————————
I used to be the kid that’d curl up in his room and cry
Did enough of that, doom is coming, I’ll hurl insults and die
Pulse is vibrant, now tough and violent so tell me why
Adults were silent, life was rough but you all didn’t even try
Didn’t try to help me, try to console my feelings
There were holes in my heart, you didn’t care to help the healing
You stare at me now with contempt, you act like you’re exempt
You better pray I fall, cuz as of now I have slayed the call
You send letters asking for assistance, how do you think I am that dumb
You’re masking your insistence that one day I send you a lump sum
May I end all the fictional claims with this statement
Cuz you know my name and pretend your love’s unconditional relearn your placement
We aren’t partners nor amigos, I’m smarter, I got an ego?
Cuz you wasting life at a casino or pro teen’s acid but no amino
(Not finished yet. Criticism is welcomed.)
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[MSCC] DFRPG - Phoenix/Arizona - "The Valley of Too Much Sun" or "When Lizard people rule the world"

This is a setting I devised around explaining seemingly unrelated current events, history, and geography around Phoenix and all of Arizona.
Premise: Lizardpeople have been slowly taking over the world since the 1950s. You've heard the stories: The vast conspiracy claiming that certain world leaders, celebrities, and business tycoons are secretly lizard people in disguise.
The story starts with the players being members of the Paranet from the Dresden Files. A mostly-clandestine organization that organizes armchair detectives, minor magical talents, and people-in-the-know into an information network that gathers data about supernatural threats and then finds ways to deal with them. When the game begins, the players are called up to investigate reports that several homeless people have been found dismembered and exsanguinated, in the canals on the south end of Phoenix. The authorities have ruled their deaths accidents and moved on, as resources have been spread thin and investigation has been deemed not important enough to investigate. Coyotes and cougars are the leading suspects, and so animal control have been requested to hunt down and handle the problem.
Meanwhile, increasingly prevalent solar activity has lead to power grid problems around the world. Satellites have been fried or knocked out of orbit, and GPS usage has been offline for over a month. There's speculation that the solar activity may increase in frequency and intensity until the next solar cycle begins next Summer. This issue has however largely gone unnoticed by the majority of the population with the major news outlets only giving the story a brief mention. Paired with the solar events is an equally drastic fluctuation in the world's ley line system that fuels magic and the existence of the NeverNever and the barrier holding back the Outsiders from entering our world.
Through the visit, players visit real and interesting places around Arizona that are recorded as having rich histories and mythology around them. The aptly named Superstition Mountains, home to haunted amethyst mines and site of several meteorite hunting grounds, Yodaville, a US Military Bombing range and recognized major ley line convergence site. Coincidence? I think not.
The story will have several factions involved, including Native American-run casinos, that use skinwalkers to defend their interests from a group of vampires trying to take their business. Werewolf biker gangs involved in human trafficking, Scottish druids living in the Sonoran Desert with Earth elementals as pets, and constant interference from the fey of the Dresden Files.
In the Valley of Too Much Sun, the players will work to find the answers to the question: Have Lizard people taken over the world?
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One of my players notes that chronicle our sessions!

About 2 months worth of sessions happened before this particular player joined my game but she has been taking really great summary notes and recently sent them to me. Not all of the info is correct/names of people places spelled wrong but it’s really cool to see my players perception of what’s going on. She was absent for the last two sessions so she took notes based on word of mouth so some of those events aren’t necessarily in chronological order. It’s a long read and it might be hard to keep track of but I hope you enjoy it!
Session 1 (Oct 6th) Kit was the huntress of Queen Briand/Castle Holbrook—the queen adopted a young girl named Draya who doesn’t seem to age, even as the Queen sickens and becomes unresponsive. She’s been fleeing for a month from Castle Holbrook after witnessing horrible cult sacrifice led by Draya, pursued by hooded figures that seem immune to arrows. She’s met on the road by blue dragonborn (Saar), person dressed like a scarecrow (Skully), female aasimar in platemail (Marikiel), red tiefling in Emerald Sky Academy uniform (Neiros), tabaxi (Tazak), human bard (Robinson—I don’t think you ever met him, Chris) and a sad-looking horse (Saponlloe/Palloeson), plus a regal-looking man in merchant clothing (Gabriel) and his assorted guards. Kit blurts out the story to the group and asks them if they can help her get to Bell’s Ring for help from the wizards of the Academy. Gabriel knows Queen Briand and Draya, tells us they are coming to Bell’s Ring in about a month for a political retreat and meeting of allies. We camp on the road, notice a hooded figure with a gold fanged mask plus 9 others watching us. Their feet don’t touch the ground, and he can either see through Neiros’ invisibility or sense him by smell. Saponlloe pulls out an amulet that produces sunlight, which seems to burn them. They advance, we run to the town. Kit falls asleep in the back of their wagon, and we get to the city, where Gabriel shows a medallion to the guard for entrance and Kit is placed in the Stockade/barracks for her protection. Saponlloe reveals that he is a druid able to transform into a horse and stays with her because he feels his story is somehow connected to hers, even though he can’t remember much. The others go to the cathedral of Vertis and a library, and Robinson and Neiros stay at a different inn.
Session 2 (Oct 13th)
The Stockade is attacked during the night—the torches gutter out, the guards outside the door and right inside are slaughtered by something invisible/shadowy and the doors open on their own. A figure with a golden mask enters Kit’s locked room and recognizes Saponlloe but calls him Palloeson (“do you still feel the guilt of Reda/Retta?”), tells Kit “I won’t let you harm Draya!” and attacks, transporting the two of us to some sort of shadow realm for a round of combat. The other attackers overwhelm the guards, and even make some of the dead come back to life and fight. Tessa enters the Stockade midway through the battle and helps. After some combat, a winged demon figure with a sun emblem on his belt appears, admonishes Guilt/Corona Albright (gold mask) that this wasn’t part of the plan, and portals the two of them away to a view of a dark sky and a palisade wall, although we hold onto his mask. Marikiel is killed, Taz badly wounded and left at the cathedral to recover. Tessa tells us of her vision and her intent to join the party. Skully has a spotty memory of the letters “A_L_U_D_C_R_U_M” in some order or combination connected to his past. Saponlloe/Palloeson tells me of Reda, a young man/”Blessed One” whose murder he witnessed, and he remembers the name “Alucard” and some sort of blood moon in connection with the murder somehow with Skully’s clue. Saar collects Marikiel’s body and tells us of his plan to bring her back.
Session 3 (Oct 20th)
Saar knows of Sigmaris, a fabled city to the north where the dead can sometimes be brought back to life, and he plans to take Marikiel there. Tensions are heightened in the city, but we head to the bazaar to buy rations and warm clothes to head north. The tailor tells us of white-skinned elf living in the woods who could be a guide for us (Aedris). The gates are guarded, so Skully leads us out of the city through the sewers. We find Aedris in the woods; he tells us that his whole clan was slaughtered by someone named Rage leading the orcs/beastmen and he wants revenge in exchange for his help. We head to a nearby monastery for advice; leader tells us to try the White Drake Academy to the northwest. We travel 3 days with no interruptions, see a sign on the fourth day warning us of “greenskins” and pointing to Northshore (N), Morioh/Eagle’s Rest/White Drake Academy (W) and keep going west. We’re attacked by a group of goblins/orcs on the fifth day, and Taz is killed, but we get info from a survivor that they recognize the gold mask. Rage has one, and she now rules Baelsergo, the city of beasts to the north, and the Blood Drinkers (symbol on the orc clothing). So now we have RAGE (Aedris’ enemy), GUILT (Corona), and FEAR (Draya) connected with golden masks. We travel to the town of Morioh and sell some loot. Kit goes to the temple of Velen to search for answers, gets a vision of a dark sun from the statue at the altar. Skully and Palloeson have some more info on their amulets being keys to the Temple of the Sunwalker, somehow connected to the druids of the Dawnfire Archipelago and their enemies (evil bat druids), and the name Alucard Cruorem, who took something from the good druids. ALUCARD = Gabriel, who they were traveling with at the beginning!
Session 4 (Oct 27th)
( was only here for the last hour and a half or so, so I don’t know what happened in detail at the beginning of the session with the circus and such) We get to Eagles’ Rest. People from the party visit a circus where a woman named Belona throws herself on spikes and isn’t hurt by them. They somehow see her golden mask and decide to assassinate her because of her assumed connections to the other golden-masked figures. Something about her triggers Palloeson’s memory, and then he connects with a woman named Sara, who breeds horses, and spends time with her outside the city. Saar has reservations on killing Belona, but casts Detect Evil and is staggered by the sheer force of evil and tormented souls around her. A plan is made to silver the spikes she falls on and try to kill her. Saar sees the image of Vestis watching them in the crowd, a serial killer they killed earlier in the campaign—he puts on a golden mask and disappears. Aedris is the only one at the circus to observe, since Vestis won’t know him. Belona falls on the spikes and transforms into some immense terrible demon and murders most people in the tent, but Sara the horse breeder transforms into some sort of bright moon goddess and fights it, and they chase each other away over the hills. The party runs to the docks, steals a ship, and sails for the academy, bringing the bodies of Mary and Taz. We have to leave Tessa and Robinson behind. RAGE = Belona
Session 5 (Nov 3rd)
We sail to the peninsula with the Academy and Neiros goes off to talk to his grandmother. We know Vestis is a golden mask now, but we don’t know what corresponding emotion it is. Most of us head to the library for research, and Saar finds the Tomes of Understanding he’s been searching for. Skully finds info on the amulets and the druids of the Dawnfire Archipelago/Celestial Isles (Hircine people = eleves loyal to the god of the sun, drow = elves loyal to the god of the moon). Kit researches the next eclipse, and talks to a professor about the Celestial Isles, the druids of the Dawnfire Archipelago, and their Ritual of Ascension (meet a spirit animal in their dreams to become druids). He doesn’t know anything about the Temple of the Sunwalker or evil blood druids. We stay for a long time to let Saar and Scully read the first Tome, and Skully learns about his previous life that he can’t remember. Tessa catches up and shows us her new tattoos, which are part of the ones she had in her vision, and tells us just a bit about Galadia and her sword/her backstory. We overhear that Eagles’ Rest has requested help from the Academy against the Blood Drinkers. Palloeson communes with the Briar King and now has formidable power and a thorn-wrapped arm with a pool of blackness in his palm. We are teleported to Northshore, the closest teleport option to Sigmaris. Skully talks the lady blacksmith into silvering our weapons. We decide to camp outside after the inn owner is racist to Saar, but the orc force attacks in the night.
Session 6 (Nov 10th)
The soldiers of Northshore are heavily outnumbered; Saar, Aedris and Palloeson rush in to help, Kit follows at a distance. Skully sneaks in to get some of our weapons back and get civilians out. The three party members are knocked unconscious and taken away by a giant lizard to the NE as the townsfolk are rounded up and told to go about their business under new beastman rule. Kit runs back and tells the other of the kidnapping, they meet up with Skully, and they track them NE. The three are taken to Baelsergo and imprisoned, and the amulet is taken to Rage. Palloeson escapes, confronts Rage, and is killed. We pull off an escape plan for the rest, and get out into the woods, crossing rivers to throw off the scent.
Session 7 (Nov 17th)
We keep heading north to flee, and then realize that our plan to get to Sigmaris is foolish, especially since we no longer have the bodies of Mary and Taz. So we change course to Caspia to get Tessa where she needs to go. Skully tells us everything he learned from the Tome and that the mask and the amulet is somehow what made him a skeleton person. His name used to be Aethis, he knew Palloeson as a member of a druid council, Skully didn’t get in, and they trained and did bad things. He knew the people who are now the golden masks (Alucard = Gabriel Mercrow, FEAR = Draya Braves, GUILT = Corona Albright, RAGE = Belona, MISERY = Dresden Nabacroft, APATHY = Vestis). The area they were, the Hirstfall Islands, was hit with a plague and Gabriel’s family died, and he is mad because the islands were blockaded and he thinks that’s why they died--revenge?. We reach the Great Lake and see kobold settlements around it, build a boat, and set sail. We are stopped by Thoss the black dragon and talk our way past him, but then find out Vestis is following us. We call Thoss to help, Vestis fights him and both are badly hurt. Vestis flees and the party kills Thoss but Skully dies in the process.
Session 8 (Nov 24th)
We loot Thoss’ hoard and lay Skully and Palloeson to rest, but keep Skully’s skull and Palloeson’s briar arm and hair just in case. Vestis is back to following us and tells us that Gabriel is coming to get the amulet in 5 days, so we should just give it up. We decide to head for Caspia and head into a series of caves back towards Northshore (with some kobolds in tow), but are attacked by a roper and brains on legs. We win the fight and press on.
Session 9 (Dec 1st): first session when I am in VT and unable to play
The party makes it back to the town controlled by beasts, does some shopping, and meets with Alucard/Gabriel. They agree to give him the amulet if he shows them what he is planning with the three of them and then leaves us alone. Neiros and Saar get tattoos using the ashes of Palloeson and Skully. The group sets sail towards the Dawnfire Archipelago with Alucard. Draya torments Kit alon g the way until Tessa intercedes. Our boat is boarded by a slave trader, and we discover that Saar has been framed and is wanted for slave trading. We win the ensuing battle and take the leader’s boat, then sail to the Dawn Fire islands with Alucard’s group, fighting some elves who think we are the slavers (thus becoming the villains). The trip takes a week, and we eventually reach an island with a culture of elves. The grandmother of Erny’s new character (El o’El? Am I spelling this right?) thought it was the goddess Lunarra the whole time (whole culture deceived by Kil’Jaeden), and cannot believe they have been misled, so she sends him with us to undone what has been done.
Dec. 8th (2nd session away)
It takes three days to reach the tower from the island, a whole day for the party and Alucard’s group to climb to the top of the tower in the Dawnfire Archipelago and another day for part of the group to make their way back down into “the prison not meant to be seen”. Kit, Nieros, Tessa, stay at the top of the tower, and then go back down to hunt for some provisions. Aedris, inside the tower, finds a portal at the bottom and vanishes into the Feywild, taking the rest of the inside group with him. Gabriel and his group take the crown and bracers they were seeking and disappear, but these items were what held the prisoner in place, and he is freed. It turns out to be Kil’Jaeden, the Great Deceiver, and he is released upon the Feywild, his form that of a monstrous naga/yuan’ti. The toweportal sinks into the ground and disappears, leaving the rest of the group back at ground level fighting other snake-like creatures drawn by Kil’Jaeden’s release. We travel to Caspia by boat, with the trip taking 16 days total. The group planned to lie about being the owners of the slavery contract and have members of the crew pretend to be slaves, but thought better of it and told their guards the truth, probably saving their own lives. Tessa travels to the Hall of Contracts and writes a message to her father, who seems overjoyed to know she is back and tells her to wait for him at a fancy hotel suite. Tessa also discovers that the place she needs to visit for the next step of her journey is a tomb in the common district. The session ended with Kit, Tessa, Saar, Raymond (Travis’ new character), and Nieros in a posh hotel room in Caspia, waiting to meet Tessa’s father, and Erny’s character and Aedris off by themselves in the shopping district. They think that Tessa is in danger from her father and don’t want any part of it. (Kil’Jaeden has been out for 17 days. We know through Kit’s research at the Academy that the next eclipse, the vision of the dark sun that Tessa and Kit have both seen, is about a year away).
Dec. 15th In the back room of the Golden Sun, Tessa, Kit, Saar, Raymond, and Nieros decide to go out and do some shopping/explore the city while waiting for Tessa’s father to travel the seven days from Zweilkhad to Zanarkand to reach them. Tessa and Kit go to Latheos the clothing merchant for new, less-conspicuous outfits; loose white robes with hoods in fine material. Kit, as a paler-skinned human, stands out somewhat in Caspia, so she covers up and tries to avoid notice. Kit and Tessa also travel to the Sandy Shards weaponry shop, where Tessa translates for Kit and we buy crossbow bolts for the crossbow taken from Thoss’ hoard. Kit also spots an intricate longbow made from some flexible metallic material, which proves to be designed to take strain off of the drawer and allow for greater accuracy and damage (+1).Raymond the mercenary buys manacles, Kit buys some Caspian gold bead and jewelry, Aedris buys a new brush for Bazul, and we buy a bunch of health potions as a group from a red-skinned tiefling owner of the Fire & Fury. Shopping episode! The tiefling is teaching some children in Caspian, but Nieros and Tessa translate and we learn he is teaching a class on rudimentary elements of magic and the danger of pact bargains. Aedris is badly affected by the heat of Caspia, but borrows Raymond’s ice spear to cool himself down. He also brings most of the money looted from Thoss’ hoard to the Hall of Gold bank and creates an account/changes some into platinum for carrying ease. The group walks to the Housing District to find the statue that Tessa needs to see, but are approached by two women in gauzy purple and blue clothes asking for a good time. They hang on Aedris, Nieros, and Raymond. Raymond shoos them away, but they discovered a good portion of their gold missing. Nieros attempts to search for them, but they disappear into the crowd. When we reach the statue, it depicts a man pointing a sword missing its point to the west and slightly south (the statue of Stormscale was pointing out over the ocean to the north). Around the base of the statue a building has been put up, which appears to be some sort of small house and church meeting place. An old woman is inside, and she invites us in after Tessa explains she is on a pilgrimage as a follower of Bahamut. We head in to allow Tessa to read some historical scrolls and search the base of the statue. The scrolls have some obviously redacted/missing sections, and no mentions of Bahamut (Zanarkand is devout to Ifrit) but we learn this is a statue to Abdul Jakar, an ordinary man who led a rebellion, and he is buried in Bela Cruz. Nothing turns up on our search of the statue. Kit asks Tessa to teach her some useful Caspian phrases in our downtime, and she also finds a phrasebook in a local bookstore. The group deposits the rest of our funds into the bank in a joint account. Two members must be present to make transactions, and if no transactions are made after 5 years, they will presume the group is all dead and take the money. Nieros has a new fancy set of clothing designed. Saar and Nieros head to the Court of Ambassadors, a giant library, and Saar tries to find books on ritual magic, but instead they meet Ignis Fireseeker, the High Judge of Caspia, a huge, buff man with arrow tattoos around his eyes and a golden insignia on his belt. He tells them that the female pickpockets work for Betra’s Serpents, an immensely powerful master assassin conclave. Ignis tells them that there is a contract/bounty (50,000 g each) for them , but warns of the likelihood of death if they take it. There are rumors that the bar Caspian Nights is being used as a hideout, and their leader is The Fang. When they tell the rest of the group, Tessa reacts to the name Ignis. We name the group The Silver Dawn, and come up with nicknames, then timeskip to Tessa’ father arriving. We are escorted out of the hotel by 20 Juda-Fen (high ranking soldiers, white-skinned tieflings with gray blindfolds), then meet his caravans outside the city. Domina Highland is a tiefling with skin that is red, bordering on slighty purple, in a fancy overcoat and gold jewelry. He greets Tessa warmly, glad to see her back, and then we go as a group to meet the Emperor Tur’Koatl. The palace is immense, and the Emperor sits on a flame-shaped throne as we approach, bowing. We introduce ourselves, and he interacts with us as we do: tells Nieros that he knew of his grandmother, makes comments on Tiamat when Saar speaks, informs Kit that Caspia is at war with Ivalice, and calls Tessa “The Whore”, although Domina Highland tries to stop him. We tell him the details of Kil Jaeden’s release, and he seems pleased that Tessa told him before telling her father. He takes it as good news, and takes us on a tour around the city to greet his people. Raymond plays Kingdoms/Cappicho against the Emperor, a game that is like a combo of chess and checkers, and does quite well for a beginner. The Emperor chastises Tessa for assuming he didn’t already have the information when she attempts to explain/tell him of the danger, so she falls silent. Kit asks more about the war with Ivalice, and gets the same treatment: a bit more info (closed borders, no trade, stolen caravans), but then a reprimand. We get back to the caravans speak with Tessa’s father. She learns from him that Galadia was killed by the Serpents, hired by the Abysswaters because she spurned the marriage that had been arranged between Tessa and their son. They are the ones the sarted “The Whore”, but her mother and older sister played into it. He also tells us that he has spies in Ivalice, and Holbrook has allied itself with the two other major cities, which is strange, because they are usually sworn enemies. He also informs Kit that Queen Briand has recently passed and Draya is fully in charge. Kit passes over the information of her cult. Tessa tries to negotiate with her father over retrieving Thoss’ treasure, and we ask for the ship to be repaired/renamed
Note: if people are interested I can try to keep this going with updates. Also I’m not sure if my player who took these notes is a reddit user. If she is I will eventually give her credit for the note taking.
Edit: added Dec 15 session notes.
Edit: Add new session notes.
Dec. 22nd The group travels on the caravan towards Tessa’s home, but midway we pass a woman on the road and allow her to join the caravan (Esmeralda). We pass by a signpost with Belacruz scratched out. Several of us are startled as we notice that the caravan has suddenly shifted from three carts to two, people have shifted in looks/age, and we appear to be in some sort of timeshift. Some of the party members do not notice, or believe that everything is normal. A younger Emperor Ter’Koatl is onboard (approximately 10-15 years younger), and Tessa has become Abdul Jakar, the Chosen of Bahamut. Tessa warns Kit to not interrupt anything, but just to watch and listen to everything around us. We travel to Abdul Jakar’s village, where we are greeted warmly and a great feast is prepared. Tessa keeps up the charade of being Abdul. We are attacked at the feast by a large group of warforged. Abdul’s wife and child are slain, and just as a creature is about to kill the Emperor, Tessa/Abdul leaps in front of the blast and saves him. We suddenly pop back to our original reality, only Tessa has a new set of tattoos and is sobbing hysterically. Only some of the party are able to remember what happened. We reach the Highland home, and Tessa must greet her mother and sister, who are acidic and unwelcoming. Lissandra blames Tessa for her childish behavior and running away from home, forcing her to marry Stega’Agar of the Abysswater family and take on more family duties. Tessa apologizes, but Lissandra and her mother are unmoved. We are given rooms in the Highland’s household. The group splits up for the night, with Tessa, Kit, and Saar going to the Casino with Tessa’s father and the rest going to the library of the Highlands to do some research. The Casino group plays a few rounds of a blackjack-based game, on Domina Highland’s tab, until a strange woman comes over and offers us a bigger gamble. She pulls out a deck of cards, and tells us that if we can pull one certain card from the deck, she will pay us handsomely. Saar draws a card from the deck and gains 50,000 exp and a magical iron flask. The woman pulls a card and she and the deck pop out of existence. Tessa and Kit drink at the Casino until it is time to go home. We run into the library group, and Saar finds out that the flask is magical from Nieros. He then opens it, and a giant creature made of fire pours out, until Saar convinces it to get back into the flask. Raymond, Elowells, and Nieros stuff a bunch of books into Aedris’ bag of holding. Dec. 29th The party gathers in the Highland home the next morning and discusses the need to visit the dwarves and Draconia, and how to release Lunara from her imprisonment in the Black Temple, Kil Jaeden’s plane. We did find a book with a spell that can bring us to the Black Temple, but we are not yet a high enough level to cast it. Aedris begins to examine the six magical books that he, Saar, and Nieros grabbed from the Highland library. Saar prays to his goddess, and an eagle lands in his window and then flies off to the west. Through her hangover, Kit prays to Velen for strength and guidance. Tessa joins morning prayers with her family, and while her father is pleased to see her, her mother and sister are not. She learns that Lissandra will be marrying Stega’Agar in approximately 2 months/7 moon cycles, and that this marriage will help solidify business dealings between the two families. The party heads to the Nine Hells Academy to do some research, 2 families away from the Highland estate, a massive building of jet black stone with a sharp, jagged appearance. The library is staffed by Transmuted Horrors, twisted masses of flesh and human body parts created by Domina Experiyankas as servants. Raymond develops a permanent fear of them. While at the library, Saar researches Kil Jaeden’s plane, the Black Temple. After the God Wars the gods all chose to stay in their own planes as an act of neutrality. Saar intuits that Kil Jaeden probably switched places with Lunara somehow, willing to bide his time in the Feywild to have someone release him. Using this method, he could avoid the gods detecting him as he entered the Material Plane through the Maelstrom, breaking that neutrality. This means that Lunara truly is trapped, since gods cannot willingly leave another god’s plane. He also learns that the plane is inhabited mostly by yuan-ti and lost souls, and the Temple itself is guarded by a hydra. Kit researches Velen’s beginning and tenets—Velen and his brother Virtus were part of an adventuring party (including Dhal Ul, Leolothwyn, Perthamal, Shallisara, Drasta Stormscale, Agnizarro) who helped out in the chaos before the God Wars and rose to fame and glory. Somehow the two brothers ascended to godhood after slaying Neshrac, although the process is unknown. The group leaves the library and goes to buy some magical items (at a shop next to the smithy where Galadia worked), including a cloak of fear for Aedris. He decides to test it as we leave the shop, catching Eloells unaware and causing him to shoot a Transmuted Horror in his confusion. Bystanders cry out at the incident, and the party scatters in fear. Several party members duck into alleys, but Saar and Aedris attempt to rush past some guards and are captured and brought to the Hall of Justice. Tessa, back at the shop, explains what occurred to a guard, then goes off to find her father to speak on behalf of the prisoners. We are all brought before the High Judge, Domina Justicar. We are ordered to pay 40,000 gold (10,000 for attacking a guard and 10,000 per soul for the three souls needed to make another Transmuted Horror). We take 10,000 gold out of the bank and Domina Highland pays the other 30,000 in exchange for a 90% share of Thoss’ hoard. Tessa parts on worse terms with her family than when we started, and we walk the 16 days back to Zanarkand. We pass a caravan full of caged animals on the way, and Saar learns that the creature in the flask he received can grant three wishes, but accidentally wastes one wishing it back into the flask. Back in Zanarkand, Kit goes back to the weaponsmith where she bought her bow, learns that the material is called steelwood, and has it engraved with a stylized version of Velen’s shield and the word “sacrifice”. We get on our repaired boat and sail 13 days towards the islands of Arathaal (sp?). Tessa learns that there is a holy temple of Bahamut somewhere on the island. We see that the HIrstfall islands are ringed by a combined Caspian and Draconian fleet, not allowing other ships close. Saar communes with Palloeson’s soul, and it does answer his three questions about the inhabitants of the island, but it appears to release him from some sort of prison and his oily black horse form gallops towards the island. It leaves large puddles of blackness on the ship that swallow anything thrown into them and causes necromantic damage. Saar uses one wish from the djinn to wish the souls of Tazak, Marikiel, and Aethis/Skully peace, and tries to include Palloeson, but his soul does not respond. He uses the final wish to wish us capable of handling the threat that is Kil Jaeden. Kit has a vision in her seasickness of “our party” (viewing this as Velen) holding a black crystal with a red center. I stab my brother and pour his blood over the crystal, and then do the same to myself, and my vision goes to black. We make our way to the island Palloeson ran towards to find a giant black ooze where a building once stood, and some of the party follow the horse’s black hoofprints to a hill. Saar traps Palloeson in the now-empty flask, and they battle the Briar Knight and his briarbeasts, barely escaping with their lives.
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Aliens reference ? Listening to Chosen again - mild spoiler

Why didn't I ever notice this reference to Aliens before? Now I feel kinda dumb...
I know there are a few other references in there, like the one to Dresden in Fated. What other references have I missed?? Have you guys noticed any other good ones in the series?

Anyway, the reference I am referring to is this... At then end of the fight in the casino, Will is standing over Alex with his big bloody sword when Luna races in to stand between Alex and Will. She tells him:
Get away from him, you bastard!
Sounds a LOT like that line from Aliens where Ripley yelled at the big bad alien queen who was menacing Newt:
Get away from her, you bitch!

(feeling dumb in RVA)
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Nitzer Ebb hit the USA for a brand new tour + rare skateboard video of ‘Fun To Be Had’ (1984 footage)

After touring the US earlier this spring, Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris are bringing the reunited Nitzer Ebb back to The States for the second leg of their tour. Unlike the first leg, however – which saw original founding NEP members David Gooday and Simon Granger sidelined in the UK due to Visa issues – this tour will feature all four original members.
And there are also a string of EU dates announced as well.

Skateboarding with Nitzer Ebb

This previously unreleased video features Nitzer Ebb founding members Bon Harris, Douglas McCarthy and David Gooday skateboarding in their hometown of Chelmsford, Essex, UK circa 1984. The video was shot by the band’s then manager Chris Piper. Nitzer Ebb were heavily into skateboarding in the ‘80s/‘90s and ended up befriending Tony Hawk when their “Showtime” album blew up in 1990. The song used for the video is Nitzer Ebb’s “Fun To Be Had” from “Showtime”.
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The JonBenet Ramsey Case: Emerging Child Sex-Ring Allegations, Political Connections and a Suspect By Alex Constantine 2000

Introduction: The Belinda Schultz File
  1. Southwestern Child-Pornocrats
A) The Huey Meaux Connection
B) Jerry J. Moore, Houston Real Estate Developer.
C) The Prime of Ms Tweet Kimball
2) Supporting Evidence of Child Sex Ring Involvement
A) A Brotherhood
B) The Belgium Syndrome
C) Lawrence Schiller & the Designated Patsy (Ramsey)
Introduction: The Belinda Schultz file
On March 22, I received a call from Joe Calhoun, a reporter from the Denver area and a recipient of an Academy Award in 1990 for his investigative work on The Panama Deception. For the record, we had talked once before, also by telephone, about the JonBenet Ramsey case, exchanged observations, and thatwas the extent of my past relationship with him. At the time, I had an uncomfortable feeling that Boulder police spokesmen, the cable martinets and investigative “experts” on the case were misrepresenting the facts. Calhoun was in town, Los Angeles, and wanted to discuss the murder in detail.
Shortly thereafter, Calhoun, with the bearded, wide-eyed demeanor of an academic on the brink of a discovery, dropped a folder on my desk. For this record, he read a prepared statement:: “I am a freelance journalist who has been covering the JonBenet Ramsey case since its beginnings. There are only a few news conferences in Boulder that I have not attended. At the last news conference, on October 13, 1999, the day after the announcement by Alex Hunter that there would be no charges filed in the Ramsey case following the adjournment of the Grand Jury, myself and a few individuals were given a file.”
I was, at this stage, stepping more or less blindly into a quagmire of details after three years of following the public debacle casually on the cable talk shows. Whatever Calhoun had, I was not in the mood for conspiratorial moonshine, but he had been down this road himself the file, containing 23 pages of interviews with a victim of organized child abuse in Colorado and Texas, “was of such a bizarre nature, I was extremely circumspect about regarding it as a collection of genuine documents andconfidential memos. I jokingly referred to it to some of my colleagues as The Blair Witch Project of the JonBenet Ramsey case. I didn’t pursue any of the leads mentioned in the file until recently.
Three weeks ago,” Calhoun recalled, “a 37-year-old woman from San Luis Obispo, California came forward with information to Boulder Attorney Lee Hill. She alleged that she came from a family of inter-generational child abuse victims, and had been abused since the age of three by a powerful group of pedophiles, some of whom were associates of the Ramsey family. I dug up the file I had originally obtained in October and decided to give it a second look, since the information contained therein seemed to parallel the information the woman was providing Boulder D.A. Alex Hunter and the police. Upon rereading all of the information contained in it, and cross-referencing names, the entire file had more of a flow of information.”
Calhoun came to entertain the notion that the sex-ring allegations surfacing sporadically on the edge of the case might have some merit. “On March 21, I contacted the Pearline, Texas Police Department for verification of the Paul Schultz [child sexual abuse] case mentioned in the file. I was immediately transferred to Detective Bill Colson,. He was unaware of the recent developments in Boulder concerning the 37-year-old woman from San Luis Obispo, California. However, Detective Colson confirmed the following: The case number ‘951302,’ on pages 7 and 14, is genuine, and the woman, Belinda Schultz, currently living in Cypress, Texas, in a notarized statement contained in the file, at the time would [have been] more likely to give information concerning the Ramsey case. And a Boulder detective was in Texas in December, 1997, seeking information regarding Paul Schultz [her estranged husband] and his involvement, if any, in the JonBenet Ramsey case.”
Calhoun placed the next call to a private investigator, Char Blaiser, wife of O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Blaiser, at her office in Sacramento, California. Ms Blasier, whose office had been contracted by Boulder police to obtain social security numbers of everyone close to the Ramsey case, reportedly states that the night after the JonBenet murder, a caller claiming to be a member of the Ramsey family told her, “I want to talk to you about Paul,” but disconnected when put on hold. Blasier, Calhoun recalls, “was extremely surprised that I had information in my possession concerning Paul Schultz, and essentially confirmed the information regarding the JonBenet Ramsey case.”
“It is clear,” Calhoun says, “from the statements of both Detective Colson and Char Blazer that the Boulder authorities were very interested in a connection between the death of Jonbenet Ramsey and what appears astonishingly to be organized pedophilia on a national level, perhaps with a criminal government license.”
Child sex and pornography rings with political ties have been known to exist. In 1995, for example, Linda Rozar, president of Concerned Citizens for Florida and chapter head of the American Family Association, a branch of presidential candidate Gary Bauer’s ultra-conservative Federation, pledguilty to one count of child abuse and two counts of tampering with a witness. She received a remarkably light sentence, one year of probation, and was ordered to see a psychiatrist. In 1986, Linda’s husband Jerry Rozar was convicted of child molestation. So there were precedents. And since the murder, the 1999 Parent of the Year Award, an honor conceived by Congress, was bestowed on a Longmont, Colorado man with connections to a cult that prostitutes young girls, so-called “hookers for Jesus,” and has been charged repeatedly with child sexual abuse. The annual honor was chosen by the National Parents Day Foundation, an organization that has ties to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, a creation of the Korean CIA and alsovery right-wing.
It happens. Nevertheless, a healthy dose of skepticism was called for. Calhoun’s conclusion about the background of the JonBenet case was based, again, on a file of police interviews passed to him at a Boulder press conference. Fortunately, its origin is no longer a mystery. Calhoun has, since obtaining the file, found out that the documents were supplied by a researcher at the University of Denver. The University, says Calhoun, threatened to fire the tenured faculty member if he continued with his investigation of the Ramsey case, and the file was passed along to reporters in Boulder.
If the statements of Belinda Schultz and other abuse survivors are correct, Boulder has a serious problem. With Calhoun’s file of leaked affidavits, all that remained was to flesh out a Who’s Who register of predators tied to the alleged killer of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.
  1. Southwestern Child-Pornocrats
Belinda Schultz, 43, was born to the Zander family, an established, aristocratic family in Louisiana, and grew up in Lafayette, near New Orleans. Her first marriage was to Lanny Slaydon, an oil industry marketer. She had four children before the marriage dissolved in the early 1980s. She moved on to Houston to live with family members, and met Paul Schultz. She describes her ex-husband as a “white supremacist” of the “Christian Identity” strain, and a “mafia hit-man” currently serving time for felony child molestation, sentenced in Brazoria County, Texas, the county seat of Angleton. Prior to their divorce, Paul and Belinda ran Custom Air Products on Hampstead Road in northwest Houston, a business formerly run by Paul’s father, Carlton Schultz. She notes that the business had “Mafia” connections. The company largely served the petroleum industry along the Gulf Coast, but everyday management of the business fell to Belinda because her husband was often incapacitated by a weakness for cocaine and alcohol.
They had a child, Nicholas, in 1990. In an affidavit filed with the Pearland, Texas PD, Nicholas recalls that his father used to receive “sugar” and “lots of money: when he pimped his son out to pedophiles frequenting the adult bookstores on Houston’s south side.
Belinda’s second marriage crumbled when she began to suspect that he was bisexual and had a gay lover, Tenourio Luga, sometimes “Lucas,” a reputed explosives expert and informant to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who has provided his services to the Mexican Mafia and CIA. Luga is a suspected drug runner. He has been investigated in the past by the BATF for the stockpiling of firearms and explosives.
A) The Huey Meaux Connection
  1. Paul Schultz, according to his ex-wife, was also a coeval of Huey Meaux, the famed record producer and a convicted child molester. On January 30, 1996, the Associated Press reported: “Huey Meaux, 66, was arrested and appeared in court Monday on charges of possession of child pornography and cocaine. He was released after posting bonds totaling $110,000. After police went public with the allegations Monday, two people came forward to say they were assaulted. Meaux then was charged additionally with two counts of sexually assaulting children. Police investigators seized hundreds of videotapes and more than 1,000 photographs last week from offices rented by Meaux at Houston’s Sugar Hill Recording Studio. Meaux formerly owned the studio.”
  2. Huey was charged with possession of drugs and child pornography and two counts of sexual assault on a child. Two weeks after the arrest, Shannon McDowell Brasher, 25, filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Meaux, alleging that he had plied her with illegal drugs as a prelude to sexual assault, “exploitation and other perverted and unnatural sex acts.” He also persuaded accomplices to assault her and videotaped the acts, according to Ms Brasher. State District Judge Mark Davidson issued a temporary restraining order sought by Brasher’s attorneys, Dick DeGuerin and Wayne Isgitt. The order prohibited the record producer or others from destroying evidence or retaliating against Brasher.
  3. Belinda Schultz’s contention that Meaux participated in a child sex ring is substantiated by Brasher and court transcripts. Belinda’s son Nicholas, age six at the time of Meaux’s arrest, identified the accused in a televised news report. Belinda called Bill Colson, a detective with the Pearland Police Department. Colson did not investigate the sex-ring allegation, though he told her that he would contact Houston police to search for a photo of Nicholas among Meaux’s child pornography collection. Frustrated with Colson’s false promises, she contacted Detective A.D. Wright, the officer in charge of the Meaux case. Wright confirmed a connection between Meaux and Paul Schultz. In addition, according to Calhoun’s file, Officer P.C. Taylor of the CID section produced telephone records indicating that Schultz and Meaux had made “numerous” calls to one another. Houston police offered that they had a “thick file” on Schultz, linking him to several known pedophiles in Houston.
B) Jerry J. Moore, Houston Real Estate Developer
One of Paul Schultz’s confederates in the sex ring, according to Nicholas Schultz, was a wealthy Republican, one Jerry J. Moore. Nicholas says that he once accompanied Moore by plane to Colorado.
In January 1996, the federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) announced that it sought a $250,000 civil penalty against Charles R. Vickery, former senior chairman of the First National Bank of Bellaire, Texas. The OCC charged that in 1991, Vickery directed the bank to make illicit loans to Houston real estate magnate Jerry J. Moore and corporations owned and controlled by him. Vickery also granted some $50,000 of title insurance premiums paid by Moore on the loans for his personal use. The loans violated federal lending limit law and triggered alarms at the OCC . The S&L was issued a cease and desist order.
  1. Jerry J. Moore is now one of the wealthiest men in Texas. His real estate company was recently bought out for $400 million. He is also active in Republican state politics. Nicholas Schultz maintains that he was taken to Moore’s antebellum mansion, Nicholstone, not far from Dickerson, Texas, and describes the home as a distribution point for child pornography. Huey Meauxwas a regular at Moore’s mansion, according to the boy’s statements.
Moore’s social connections to the Mafia are consistent with the “hit man” allegation raised by Belinda Schultz. Moore’s social circle included: Leonard Capaldi, convicted by the district court in the southern district of Texas on charges of bank fraud and bribery, stemming from his involvement in the April 4, 1986 collapse of Mainland Savings Bank. This S&L lost $300 million. Capaldi was sentenced to the Federal Correctional Institute in Milan, Michigan.
  1. Leading lights of the Mainland Savings scandal: arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, James Bath (a business associate of George W. Bush, recruited to the CIA by George, Sr,), Martin Schimmer (for walking off with Teamster steelworker pension funds), Herman K. Beebe, a known Mafioso. Another gangland chum of Jerry J. Moore is Jack Tocco, a Detroit crime boss. Political ties have included late Texas Governor John Connally and Lloyd Bentson, former Secretary of the Treasury.
  2. The Prime of Ms Tweet Kimball
Another connection to Paul Schultz was the late Mildred “Tweet” Kimball. Tweet lived in a castle on US 85, just south of Denver in a small town called Sedalia. Nicholas Schultz states that he was taken to the castle and molested there by adults.
The castle was deeded to Kimball by Merritt Ruddock, a member of the U.S. diplomatic corps, an obscure CIA official and her first of four divorced husbands. Tweet Kimball divorced Ruddock in 1955, and as she explained to a local reporter in 1996: “When I divorced him, he said I’d probably go back to Tennessee and talk about him. He said “If you’ll buy property west of the Mississippi, I’ll help you.”
7, And that’s what I did. She bought a 24-room castle on a 4,000 acre estate, built on a promontory with a view of the Rockies. Ruddock had good reason to buy her silence. He was the immediate deputy of the CIA’s Frank Wisner, the notorious overseer of Nazi recruitment by the agency immediately after WW II. Ruddock was hired by Wisner in 1949.
Ray Cline, another notorious Agency stinkbug (the organizer of a support network for George Bush, Sr.’s 1980 campaign. composed almost entirely of former intelligence officers headed by Steven Halper, Cline’s son-in-law), kept close to Ruddock throughout the war. Cline recalls Ruddock as a hard drinker and “a personal manipulator of ideas and people.”
  1. (The Colorado Department of Tourism doesn’t advertise the fact, but the state has a thriving intelligence establishment. Loring Wirbel, an environmental researcher in Monument, Colorado, found that worldwide “intelligence expansion by U.S. agencies has a very real impact on Colorado.
Buckley [Air Force Base] is now the major employer in the Denver metro area, with the classified Aerospace Data Facility section of the base responsible for far more jobs than the public Tactical Air Command portion of the base. The Denver Business Journal estimated in April that classified intelligence spending by NSA and NRO in Colorado may exceed $3 billion annually. Support facilities for Buckley include Falcon Air Force Base east of Colorado Springs, which performs intelligence fusion missions; Lockheed-Martin’s Waterton Canyon plant in southwest Denver, which builds spy satellites and Titan-4 rockets; Peterson Air Force Base, the headquarters of the Space Command; and the aging North American Aerospace Defense Command inside Cheyenne Mountain west of Colorado Springs.
Another Air National Guard base outside Greeley, Colorado, is receiving many mobile satellite reconnaissance troops formerly housed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, part of a mission to make the Colorado Front Range a center of excellence for technical intelligence.”
  1. Merritt Ruddock was not the only member of the family with CIA and Nazi ties. Ms Kimball’s father, according to a note found in the Belinda Schultz file, “Colonel Kimball of Chattanooga, Tennessee, had been a prime mover in the grown of the Post-WWI Ku Klux Klan.” (The repetitious links to Nazism in the testimony of Nicholas Schultz, a 7-year-old boy, recalls his mother’s statement that Paul Schultz is a “white supremacist,” and is obviously among friends.)
She bonded with her castle and its environs, re-christened Cherokee Ranch, and lived like a European monarch. A tour guide told an AP reporter, “the house has a number of Portuguese tile murals and many examples of parquetry (an artistic inlaid wood design done on furniture). As she describes the lavish contents of several china cabinets, words like Dresden, Spode, Meissen and Waterford slip into the conversations. That bed was built for Charles II, and he actually slept in it. This inlaid cabinet came from the court of Spain, and the pictures represent Aesop’s fables. The libraries are full of first editions, some quite old and valuable. Well, with names like Dickens and Thackeray on the bindings, one would think so.”
  1. Tweet Kimball died in 1999. She had been an active Republican. Kimball served on the Douglas County Planning Commission and the commissioners’ Water Advisory Board, as well as the board of the Douglas County Educational Foundation. She also spent 14 years on the board of the Denver Art Museum as accessions chairman. She was the local matriarch of local Republican party politics and frequently played hostess to the Douglas County Republican caucus.
  2. “Kimball’s castle and ranchland provided an extravagant vehicle for her varied pursuits,” the local County News-Press noted in her obituary last January, “wildlife conservation, a vast, eclectic art collection, politics, innovative ranching, royal relationships and storied social events.”12
2) Supporting Evidence of Child Sex Ring Involvement
As Calhoun mentioned, in March of this year, Boulder detectives flew to San Luis Obispo, California, to interview Mary Bienkowski, a licensed family therapist. Bienkowski claimed to have information pertaining to the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. The woman said that her mother’s godfather is Fleet White, a friend of John Ramsey. The therapist had urged police in Boulder to interview her client:
Regarding Bienkowski:
A private therapist said Friday she stands behind her client who claims to have crucial information that could help investigators in the death of JonBenet Ramsey. Mary Bienkowski, a licensed marriage, family and child counselor, said her client gave Boulder police specific names of individuals who are witnesses in the killing of JonBenet as well as ongoing sexual and physical abuse of other children.
“If they do their job and investigate what needs to be investigated, the rest of the pieces will fall into place, and nobody is going to like what they find out,” she said. “This person wouldn’t be coming forward and risking everything if it were not because she wanted the abuse to stop and wanted to protect other children.”
Bienkowski said she has treated her client for the past 10 years for trauma endured as a repeated victim of sexual assault. Because her client had information that a widespread sex ring could have been behind the Dec. 26, 1996, strangulation and beating death of 6-year-old JonBenet, she encouraged the woman to take the information to authorities.
JonBenet was found in the basement of her family’s Boulder home. Her parents, John and Patsy, are the focus of a police investigation, although the couple have denied involvement in their daughter’s death.
After 13 months of investigating the case, a Boulder grand jury disbanded in October without charges being filed. During an interview Friday with the Daily Camera at a downtown San Luis Obispo coffee shop, Bienkowski blasted the Boulder Police Department for not actively investigating the list of people she said her client believes may have knowledge of who killed JonBenet.
She would not divulge the names of those thought to be involved, saying that information should first be given to law enforcement officials. The Whites have not returned phone calls from the Daily Camera. John Ramsey’s attorney has declined to comment on the new information.
Boulder police questioned Bienkowski’s client in Colorado for five hours. The FBI interviewed her as well. Detectives also contacted her family and interviewed some of them in California. And then the whole matter was dropped. Bienkowski lost faith in the police and refused to cooperate any further.
13. Who left warnings on her answering machine? The Daily Times-Call in Longmont, Colorado reported in March that a reliable witness “identified the voices as [those] of two women [among others] accused of victimizing thenow-37-year-old [informant]. The woman remains in hiding.”
The anonymous callers told Bienkowski:
1. “Hello Mary. This is a very interested party in regards to [your client’s] welfare. [Her] past and her future are of no, of no concern to you. She made an error in judgment when she came to see you and you have caused her nothing but pain and suffering. Her main concern now is her new husband and her family. She has started a life and is going to be moving as far away from you as possible. She belongs with her family and nobody else. She is off limits to you.”
2. [Caller Two]: “Hello. Leave [your client] alone. We take care of our own. Everything. And nothing is any of your business.”
3. [Caller Two] “Hello. It’s high time that you caught on that [the informant] doesn’t have time for your foolishness. Thank you.”
4. [Caller Two] “[She] is going on an extended vacation with her family and while there will seek medical care for her problems. [The woman] has forgotten more than you will ever know.”
  1. [Caller Two] “Hello. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us. So leave [her] alone. It’s against the law to disturb the peace. Don’t forget it.”
14. The statement of the informant that JonBenet was killed in a sadistic sex game was upheld independently by forensic specialist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who studied the autopsy file and concluded that JonBenet’s abuse occurred over a period of time.
Wecht: “This evidence of abuse, tied literally and figuratively to the cords around her neck and wrist, was enough to draw the conclusion that a sick sex game had gone awry.” But the medical evidence “so far suggested that the vaginal penetration had been a carefully controlled, limited situation not a savage sexual assaults. While the attacker was applying the perverted useof the garrote that pinched the vagus nerve in her neck and eventually shut down her heart and lungs, the young prey had suddenly turned lifeless without explanation, perhaps literally in her abuser’s arms. Wasn’t it likely that the shocked and panicking molester had shaken JonBenet in a futile attempt to return her to consciousness? A few anxiety-driven shakesand a ‘wake up! Wake up!’ had failed to restore her to life, but had inflicted the bruises to the temporal lobes of the brain.”
15. A panel of pediatric experts assembled from all parts of the country states unanimously that JonBenet had injuries “consistent with prior trauma and sexual abuse.” The medical affidavits referred to “past violation of the vagina,” “chronic abuse,” “evidence of both acute injury and chronic sexual abuse.”
  1. Author Stephen Singular, a Boulder native, believed so strongly that organized pedophilia and child porn lurked behind the murder of the child that he published a book exploring the sex ring angle, Presumed Guilty. According to Singular’s publisher, “some highlights of the book suggest that one or both of the Ramsey parents unknowingly exposed their daughter to danger that fateful Christmas night,” and reminds, significantly, “human DNA found on her clothing matched nothing found in the Ramsey home”
  2. Evan Ravitz and Bob MacFarland, Boulder political activists who shared Singular’s perspective on the case, gave eight of the grand jurors hearing testimony regarding the death of JonBenet Ramsey excerpts of Singular’s book, theorizing that that the girl may have been killed by someone involved in a child pornography ring. Ravitz and MacFarland were cited with contempt of court. Ravitz, wearing a crumpled purple T-shirt, explained to District Judge Roxanne Bailin that the leakers planned on petitioning the D.A.’s office to allow them to testify before the grand jury, and present evidence of corruption in the city, including drug dealing and child pornography possibly “related to the slaying and handling of the Ramsey case.”
Child porn is “an important line of investigation that we hear Hunter has stayed away from,” Ravitz told Judge Bailin.18 But homicide detectives considered this angle a “side theory,” yet have acknowledge that the killer “may have been involved in a child pornography ring that operated in or around Boulder and had earmarked JonBenet as a likely subject.” The connection to child pornography with child sex murders is by no means original.
In 1997, Jeremy Strohmeyer:
18. Stalked a seven-year-old girl in a Las Vegas casino before murdering her in a restroom. Strohmeyer was an admitted collector of child pornography. “If the pornography connection is true,” the Internet Crime Library observes, “then the murder may have been committed by more than one person as part of a conspiracy.”
  1. The market in Colorado for child prostitution and pornography is a relatively large silent minority. In 1995, the Colorado Department of Human Services filed 5,085 cases of sexual abuse of the 7,931 referred to the agency. Of these,1,160 victims were abused in the state. But the department may investigate a tiny fraction of the actual cases. One-half of one percent of children report sexual abuse, according to Dr. Richard D. Krugman, dean of the University of Colorado Medical School and director of the C. Henry Kemp Center for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.
20. a) A Brotherhood In 1997, the Boulder PD contacted Dale Yeager and Denise Knoke at Seraph, Inc. in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, a security consulting firm summarized in sales brochures as “an international company [with] extensive sources throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa. Our associates are investigative professionals and former intelligence officers”, and asked them to submit an analysis of the ransom note. Yeager and Knoke claimed without hesitation that Patsy Ramsey was the author, joining the chorus of police and tabloid reporters who kept at the parents, and reported that Psalm 118:27.
b) interpreted as the source of the $118,000 ransom demand, “Decorate the festival with leafy boughs and bind the sacrifices to be offered with thick cords to the horns of the altar” is commonly cited by “white supremacists,” who “use the redemption and sacrifice ideas to form a justification for killings.” Despite the neo-nazi nuance, Yeager and Knoke were positively certain that JonBenet’s mother forged the kidnap letter. “Our conclusion,” Yeager offered, “is that you are investigating a child’s murder with ritualistic overtones. Strangulation and sexual assault are most commonly seen in sadomasochism between heterosexual and homosexual adults”.
21. On February 27, 2000, Yeager explained to a CBS 2 News reporter, “What we believe was happening in Patsy’s mind was that her daughter was losing control, becoming a wild rebel. She felt (her daughter) was becoming evil.”
22. Patsy Ramsey did not exactly fit the white supremacist profile, and she certainly wasn’t known to participate in “ritual murder.” Paul Schultz, not incidentally, rings the bell on both counts. He is a member, according to the interviewers of Belinda Schultz, of a “heterodox Christian” cult with Nazi leanings that found its way into the intelligence establishment via the German presence at Tweet Kimball’s castle in Sedalia.
The occult Brotherhood of the White Temple, as this sect was known, survives and has reportedly evolved into an underground terrorist cell. The same “faction” that warned Mary Bienkowski to back off? Police investigating the Ramsey case also received warnings. Blood was splashed on Detective Linda Arndt’s front door. The mutilated carcass of a cat was left on Steve Thomas’s front lawn (if his statements have any credibility, given the flagrant distortions in his book on the case, clearly contrived to widen the umbrella of suspicion that has hung over the parents since the smears began). Sergeant Bob Wilson was at home when four high-powered rounds were fired through his bedroom window and nearly hit him. After these events, “there was no follow-up by the police department” Steve Thomas complains, “which apparently regarded bullets, blood and dead cats as minor”
23. Belinda Schultz has tied her ex-husband to a cultic, “white-supremacist” terrorist underground with domestic intelligence connections and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey but despite his resemblance to the killer’s profile, Paul Schultz has not been asked for a sample of his hand-writing.
b) The Belgium Syndrome The behavior of law enforcement officials and the media has been odd since the 911 call. John Ramsey was the CEO of a key military-industrial subsidiary, Lockheed, and his daughter had been murdered by a group that claimed to “represent a small foreign faction” (Brotherhood of the White Temple?) Ordinarily, the “Lindbergh Law” requires a “rebuttable presumption” in a high-profile kidnap, particularly one pulled off by terrorists fronting for a “foreign faction,” a widely overlooked point raised by journalist Donald Freed, author of Killing Time, a forensic study of the O.J. Simpson case.
Notification of the FBI in a murder case involving terrorists is mandatory, and officers in Boulder did contact Washington. But the Bureau did not respond.
  1. Freed reports that someone in a lofty position assured the FBI and Lockheed Martin Security “prior to the 911 call that any report coming from Boulder “would not affect ‘national security,'” and directed to “let the police handle it.”
25. Freed coined the phrase “Belgium Syndrome” after the recent refusal of Belgian officials and the justice system to respond to a series of child murders, “not because they were involved in the murders, but because they were involved in their own way in pornography, child sexuality and related elements, some of which are not even illegal but all of which would be death sentences for their careers.”
Fleet White, in his letter “to the people of Colorado,” maintained: “It is our firm belief that the District Attorney and others intend to use the Grand Jury and its secrecy in an attempt to protect their careers and also serve the conflicting interests of powerful, influential and threatening people who have something to hide or protect.”
26. “Conflicting interest” may explain the inertia of detectives in Boulder when the photo of the young beauty contestant turned up in the home of a child pornographer in Columbus, Ohio suspected of involvement in the abduction of another Colorado girl. James Partin, 35, was arrested in December, 1997 for selling child pornography on the Net. Police searched Partin’s home and found a newspaper clipping about the 1983 kidnap of Beth Miller,14, and a map of Idaho Springs marked with several X’s.
The girl vanished after a jog near her Idaho Springs home, and Partin lived in the area at the same time. Boulder police announced that they would contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to learn more about the Ramsey photo in Partin’s collection, but a local newspaper reported that they “do not believe that Partin had any involvement” in the slaying. “It’s not a high priority,” police spokeswoman Leslie Aaholm assured reporters.
  1. Did the DA’s reluctance to question Partin about the JonBenet picture suggest an unwillingness to solve the case? Pornographic photos of JonBenet were posted on the Internet.28 In his August 6, 1998 resignation letter, Boulder Detective Steve Thomas openly accused then police chief Tom Koby and other officials of sabotaging the case: “During the investigation detectives would discover, collect, and bring evidence to the district attorney’s office, only to have it summarily dismissed or rationalized as insignificant.
The most elementary of investigative efforts, such as obtaining telephone and credit card records, were met without support, search warrants denied. The significant opinions of national experts were casually dismissed or ignored by the district attorney’s office, even the experienced FBI were waved aside.” Thomas was ordered not to question certain witnesses, “and all but dissuaded from pursuing particular investigative efforts. Polygraphs were acceptable for some subjects, but others seemed immune from such requests. Innocent people were not “cleared”, publicly or otherwise, even when it was unmistakably the right thing to do, as reputations and lives were destroyed. Some in the district attorney’s office, to this day, pursue weak, defenseless, and innocent people in shameless tactics that one couldn’t believe more bizarre if it were made up.”
c) Lawrence Schiller & the Designated Patsy (Ramsey) Denver reporter Joe Calhoun takes aim at Lawrence Schiller, the made-for-TV “expert” who denounces all sex-ring allegations in shrill terms. “Schiller, along with talk show hosts and the more ‘responsible press,’ appear to be preparing the public for an indictment of Patsy Ramsey for the murder of her child,” Calhoun says. The patsy would be Patsy. ”
According to a source in Boulder, the script reads that the much physically and mentally traumatized Patsy Ramsey went to her daughter’s room that night and found that she had wet the bed and in a fit of exasperation and rage struck the child and accidentally killed her and then was assisted by her husband to try to cover up the crime. ” The bed-wetting scenario, repeated in best-selling books on the case and many a talk show, is insupportable upon a moment’s reflection: it entails a belief, Calhoun points out, that Patsy Ramsey “stuck her child in the head, killing her, and then tied a garrote around her neck and sexually violated her daughter’s corpse to cover up the crime.”
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Tartar - this video - Thoughts Please

This essay accompanies Marcia Ramalh’s video for Age of Disclosure’s YouTube channel
Video by Arjan Hartman
The video presents 400 images with the High Technology of Great Tartary, stolen by the Invaders and still in operation worldwide.
Full text from "Tartary Empire - Aether" video
“Aether is the material supposed to fill the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. In mythology, it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals”. (From Wikipedia)
“Aether”, the “5th element”, means the water that connects everything electromagnetically.
The pseudoscience calls Aether as “dark energy” and “dark matter”.
I Intro
All cities located at strategic points on Earth along rivers, seas, lakes and oceans were Star Fortress and had electromagnetic energy extracted from the ether.
The energy was captured through towers and obelisks and stored in the red and white striped power stations of the High Civilization called Tartary. They always had a fountain with water near them.
This civilization was destroyed in the 19-20 century through floods, energy weapons (DEW) and scheduled mass exterminations and the Earth was suddenly deserted by billions of people. All the architecture and technology of this superior civilization was stolen and passed into the hands of Parasites who created the current ignorant civilization.
This is the story of how a visit to the Berlin Zoo led to the discovery that its magical atmosphere is inherited from the star fortress that housed the city and how all world architecture to this date is designed to extract electromagnetic energy from the ether.
II Berlin Zoo
On the cloudy afternoon of May 27, 2018, Janey Benson visited the Berlin Zoological Garden and realized that there was something different in the air.
"The animals in this zoo are the happiest I have ever seen. I thought it was because they got more oxygen because Berlin is covered by trees, plants and flowers and all the trees are numbered and counted. But then I saw the spires were like those we see in mosques and like pre mudflood photos and I imagined that this was what you were talking about. Is it atmospheric energy? It is in that building that giraffes currently live. If it generated energy I do not know, but I am a witness of the extraordinary happiness that was there”.
"There is something in Berlin that is wonderful and I want to go back there. I want to breathe that air again”.
This is the testimony of the American Janey Benson, who may be associated with the recent past of the Tartar Arian (Tartary) civilization, inherited from the legendary Atlanteans (Titans).
In this civilization, architecture had the function of extracting properties of waves and resonances from the electromagnetic field, to harmonize, heal, prolong life and increase the stature of men, plants and animals.
When the Earth's energy grid was destroyed by the barbarians who came from the "Terra Incognita" (the self called "gods" of Olympus), the density crushed the Titans and threw them into the hell of Tartarus - the name given by “scholars” to the burning Tartary.
And the knowledge and history of the Tartar Aryan civilization was burned out and erased of the memory of many.
III Victory Column
The Berlin zoo visited by Janey gathers the most expressive collection of animal and vegetable species from around the world. There are 1,380 species, 20,200 animals and an Aquarium, surrounded by 35 hectares of vegetation.
The Zoo is within the Tiergarten park, situated opposite the Reichstag dome and has in its center the Victory Column, in granite studded with bronze ornaments. Large domes, towers and columns are always associated with ether energy production.
This is the top of the coil inside the Reichstag dome, protected by mirrors. The tip of the coil seems to have been made with the purest copper and is in the hall below the mirrored part. Its shape copy the top of the old power plants of the East. But this is little to explain the happiness that reigns in the park and throughout the city.
There is a more powerful reason. Berlin was one of the gigantic Star Fortress of the ancient and highly technological civilization of Tartary. This 1688 engraving shows that Berlin was a huge and mighty Star Fortress.
This kind of fortress was not built by normal men. It would require thousands of highly skilled men. And there were such strongholds all over the earth. In addition, the fortress "communicated" with each other to create the worldwide energy grid.
When the invaders who came from Terra Incognita destroyed the perfect electromagnetic grid and created cataclysms, the civilization of Tartary was annihilated and its defensive structures wrecked or were melted and petrified.
Star Fortress provided security, health and harmony for its inhabitants.
It is possible that some of the old magic is still present in the atmosphere of Berlin as in these postcards of 1896 and 1899 ?
At the Berlin zoo, visitors and animals are also given the benefit of the magic sound of the bells.
In the park there is a rare carillon installed at 42 meters high which houses 68 bells of 48 tons and is the fourth in the world in number of bells. Concerts in the park with the historic carillon take place every Sunday at 3 p.m., from May to September. The vibration of bronze, associated with the ethereal electromagnetic current, has a high harmonizing and healing power.
IV Hohenzollern
The carillon history dates back to the first kings of Prussia, Frederick I and II, of the Hohenzollern dynasty.
Wikipedia claims that the German zoo was "opened" in 1844 but on this date Germany did not exist and much less had central government. There was only one confederation with 22 small monarchies and 17 other states that spoke German.
The Tiergarten park and its palace belonged to the Tartary civilization. With the defeat of Tartary and the creation of Germany, the palace was demolished and the Reichstag was erected by the will of the character "Bismarck".
It is likely that Tartaria has designated Berlin Tiergarten to save almost extinct species, in a world that slowly came out of total chaos and sudden climate change. Janey Benson's observation of the numbered trees in Berlin Tiergarten park fits into this hypothesis.
Tiergarten may have been a magnificent Noah's Ark endowed with atmospheric energy, where all species were classified to be saved.
The building surrounded by eight minarets which Janey photographed in the Tiergarten and to which she ascribes the secret of such happiness, continues to secretly store atmospheric energy produced by Victory Column, associated with the Reichstag dome.
And what happens today in the central park of Berlin for the benefit of humans and animals, was carried out in the past throughout the world from the beginning of our Real History.
V Iron and Copper
The high civilization Tartar Aryan extracted electromagnetic energy from the ether through star fortress complexes with power stations, domes, towers, minarets, bridges and obelisks and used the very high thermal and electrical conductivity of copper.
From 7,000 years ago to the 1900s, Tartarian people mined Keweenaw copper at Michigan, US, to provide raw material for domes and coils throughout the world. Its fusion with tin created the bronze that allowed primitive Europe to enter into the modernity that had existed for a long time in territories of Tartary.
From the half of the 1900s, the ”Gray Men" would sent their agents to exterminate Tartarians in "New India" (North America), take their land and minerals and slaughter them and their livestock to feed the newly created industries of Chicago and transport the meat on the roads which would pave the way for the takeover of new territories and create distances that would encourage the oil industry, the use of the automobile and the need for currency expansion and creation of a financial system. But this is another story.
Copper has been mined since the beginning of human history. Venetians ("Phoenicians") mined copper in New World (America) and Cornwall. Copper ingots used in the Middle East and Europe complex were mined and molted in facilities in the Americas.
According to American Indian oral tradition, copper was mined by “red haired white-skinned ‘marine men’ who came from across the sea”. And mines of Almaden in Spain, Huancavelica in Peru and New Almaden in California, provided the mercury.
Wikipedia: “The earliest substantiated and dated evidence of metalworking in the Americas was the processing of copper in Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan. Copper was hammered until brittle then heated so it could be worked some more. This technology is dated to about 4000-5000 BCE. Ancient civilisations knew of seven metals: Iron, Tin, Lead, Copper, Mercury, Silver and Gold.
In the past, “alchemists developed sophisticated, powerful techniques to separate and purify metals” (Wikipedia)
Copper and tin was used extensively, even in helmets, to power plasma (DEW) weapons and to obtain wireless communication.
And iron foundries were the backbone of the world industry until they disappeared in the Great Catastrophe.
VI Coils
The electromagnetic energy was extracted and stored in toroid coils at the power plant summits, covered with copper, positioned below the towers.
When rotating inside coils, magnetic fields create electrical charges in a mercury vortex. Hindu energetic complexes exhibit this function at the top of their structures. “In a coil of multiple turns of wire, the magnetic field of the turns adds in the center of the coil, creating a strong field”, says Wikipedia.
"Coils" can still be seen at the top of the power supply centers in India. Manufactured History and the Invented Religions call these energy factories as ”temples."
Prambanan complex in Indonesia had originally 240 estações de energia in a concentric mandala layout
Power plants have metal hoops where the "toroidal coil" works. Perhaps the "mass dumper" of the Taipei Tower accumulates this function. Modern towers are already built with the domes themselves and they are positioned below the pole that stands up to contact with the ether. A lookout can distract visitors' attention on the tower's true architectural significance.
This metal sphere represents the favorite geometric object of the fictional character “Tesla”, reports Wikipedia. And so it is displayed in a museum in Belgrade with the ashes of the pseudo-inventor. The dark eminences that created the Tesla myth as well as a long list of many other, see themselves as very intelligent and with a great sense of humor. And they appreciate leaving some clues of their frauds in the most unforeseen places.
The star fortress in Haiti, Taj Mahal, Hagia Sofia, Pantheon or Tower of Jewels were production plants and distribution of atmospheric energy, as well as thousands of “cathedrals”, “temples” and palaces around the world.
The original pyramids of Egypt and other places may have played an even more important role in electromagnetic energy production and for this they were the first to be neutralized.
Ancient pyramids and star fortress were so strong and powerful that many needed to be submerged like the Buhen fortress in Egypt, currently at the bottom of Nassar Lake, in one of the largest floods ever made in the world (1958). Next to it was an old copper factory and a city with 100 thousand inhabitants.
Pyramid-shaped power stations were called "tombs of pharaohs" and covered by sand, water, ice or vegetation such as the pyramids of the Faroe Islands, Antarctica, Bosnia, Russia and China.
VII Skyscrapers
But this is the past. Today the atmospheric energy is extracted by skyscrapers like the Petronas, Taipei, Burj Khalifa, by towers on top of hills, roofs of buildings or through ”Radio and TV broadcast towers" such as Ostankino Tower, Oriental Pearl, Jin Mao, Shanghai or Tianjin. And this energy is no longer free or clean, besides being expensive.
Skyscrapers are modern power plants and work in conjunction with metal structures of bridges whose iron is in contact with water and has spheres that may contain minicoils and mercury in the upper part.
The Empire State and the Manhattan Bridge were built by the Tartarians long before 1900. Just like the Tour Eiffel. By 1953, at least, the Invading Parasites had built nothing in cities around the world. Just destroyed. All buildings erected until the 1950’s belong to the Tartary civilization. It was only from the 1960’s that poor and ugly buildings-crates of the new civilization would begin to be erected.
Photographs that purport to show the construction of the Empire State Building are false and are nothing more than photomontages overlapping high quality glass negatives with photos of some wood boards and false workers in the foreground.
Skyscrapers are modern powerhouses. When Tartarian plans to erect the Empire State Building began to be drawn, the goal was to capture enough energy to illuminate Lake Ontario, Vermont, Buffalo, Albany, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. This objective is registered on the aluminum plate in the hall of the building built by the Tartary civilization.
In the Chrysler building, Wikipedia expressly points out to 16 points on the 24th floor, which it calls "pineapples", where the mercury would be stored.
Buildings built by Tartary around the world continue to draw atmospheric energy to the invaders until today.
Invaders copied old technology, such as this recent Las Vegas building whose dome produces power to 4,000 apartments and to a fountain with dancing waters, synchronized with lights and music.
Tartary's power plants and buildings were built in granite and geopolymer concrete because they become more resistant with the passage of time and has the superconducting quartz crystal in its composition.
Here are some power station domes working associated with obelisks, minarets and pinnacles in granite and geopolymeric concrete, with columns and ornaments in iron, for extraction of electromagnetic energy.
Electromagnetism produces gigantic invisible "waves" of energy. Transmitting towers receive and emit the electric field to considerable distances.
To transmit wireless electricity as in the past, to more and more extensive regions and with more users, the towers are getting higher.
Towers like these can extract atmospheric energy to feed entire countries.
It is possible that one of the reasons for the WTC's demolition in 9/11 was the need to expand energy extraction technology.
Everyone remembers the huge antenna needle on top of one of the towers being sprayed into the air. WTC towers were obsolete and so they fell to the ground. The demolition dust caused 70,000 cases of cancer. Insurers paid $ 4.55 billion for the old towers' pulverization. The new antenna looks much more powerful.
“An electromagnetic coil is an electrical conductor such as a wire in the shape of a coil, spiral or helix. Either an electric current is passed through the wire of the coil to generate a magnetic field, or conversely an external time-varying magnetic field through the interior of the coil generates an EMF (voltage) in the conductor”. (Wikipedia)
VIII Energy worldwide
All over the world the technology of energy extraction through the atmosphere still works perfectly in castles, buildings, palaces, greenhouses, lighthouses, kiosks, fountains, “mosques”, fortresses, towers, bridges and “cathedrals” that kept the old technological apparatus intact.
This apparatus includes elaborate roof grids and small window-like openings, metal ornaments in the corners of buildings, pointed antennae with ornaments or balls with mercury, metals embedded in masonry and geopolymer concrete, jars containing mercury, cornices, spires, roofs with copper ornaments and structural foundations in iron, among others.
This apparatus is also present in the current skyscrapers.
IX The Architecture to extract energy
The world architecture for electromagnetic energy extraction derives entirely from the High Civilization Tartar Arian. It is characterized by the use of arch openings, columns, domes and towers. In addition to details such as rose windows and muqarnas, symbols of the vibration of electromagnetic energy, which acts on molecules and changes the behavior of cells.
Formerly these waves could act in healing, levitation and transport, besides provoking feelings like harmony and euphoria. This energy can now being used in another way.
The architecture of the Tartary undergoes slight modifications and influences according to the local characteristics of climate, culture and material resources but maintains the basic principles throughout the world.
The Fake History called the Tartary architecture as ”Moorish revival” or “Mauresque” and “Islamic”. And also “Colonial”, “Medieval”, “Neoclassical”, “Baroque”, “Romanesque”, “Gothic”, “Beaux Arts”, “Eclectic”, “Tudor”, “Renaissance”, “Palladian”, “Richardsonian Romanesque”, “Chicago School” or “Victorian”. And labeled them as fashionable styles, to hide the old and true function of its columns, arched openings, pinnacles, rose windows, naves ornamented with iron columns, towers, and domes.
In addition to having cut the ends of the pinnacles in the photographs or add crosses that did not exist before.
X War
After the defeat of the Tartary, all the ancient buildings "destroyed by wars" were miraculously "rebuilt" from the years "1870s" by nonexistent architects whose portraits are a pastiche.
Fantasies like "was destroyed by fire in 1895 and rebuilt in 1901" are written to hide the advanced and superior technology present in the constructions of Tartary long before the 9th century.
Some wars, bombings, or great fires of the past may be historical falsehoods, repeated in 3 different layers like 1776, 1812 and 1870s. In Dresden, for example, there would have been a battle in 1813, revolts that damaged the city in 1848 and 1863, and severe bombing in February 1945. According to Official History, 90% of the city center was destroyed. But this is not entirely true. The main buildings of the old citadel were spared.
There was a selective bombing that targeted residential dwellings as well as factories and military facilities. Dresden was a huge Star Fortress and capital of the Free State of Saxony, which did not obey to the “Pope” and to the new emperors.
The region had been entirely colonized by Slavs and housed over 600,000 war refugees whom the Invaders had an interest in exterminating. Dresden was an important economic center, with 127 factories and military facilities that could house 20,000 people.
The city's skyline continues exactly as it was in the 1800s and probably still draws energy from the ether. But the ancient inhabitants were gone to give place to the invaders.
This building in Dresden, for example, is a huge Tartarian power station, transformed into a mosque by Gray Men acting on behalf of Invading Parasites. Even so, it still retains the red and white colors of Tartary that designated the main function of these structures.
Tartary knew that his enemy was ruthless and terrible and for this they protected their cities throughout the world with immense Star Fortress and great walls. But it was defeated by energy weapons (DEW) and waves of 300 meters of glacial waters that swept the continents and submerged the fortresses.
The enemy was stronger and could have simply destroyed the entire Earth. But he only wanted to exterminate billions of humans to take ownership of his lands, technology, fortunes, and palaces.
The architecture of Tartary used the red color of bricks and clear stripes, to designate power stations and associated structures. Like the station of St Pancras in London, which belonged to the civilization of Tartary and by it was built.
In some regions they could also be striped in black, green or brown. And have a bronze griffin on the roof, the animal symbol of Tartary.
In Cairo, this power station was built in 876, according to Wikipedia. It is the largest and oldest in Egypt, in its original form.
All Tartary power stations, small and large, had pipe organs to harmonize and heal the population through sound waves, what is now known as "cymatics". For this reason, they immediately passed into the hands of the Invaders Parasites after the defeat of Tartary. And so the Presbyterian, Catholic, Anglican, synagogue, mosque temples and churches were born.
"Gods" of Olympus who invaded Earth and falsified History, transformed the powerful energy stations of Tartary into mausoleums, "tombs", monasteries, cloisters, abbeys, synagogues and churches of religions invented in the 20th century. And royal palaces in mosques. Or destroyed them.
The enemy also interrupted the astronomical clocks of Tartary because they used the geocentric model to represent the solar system. In the Tartarian astronomical clocks, the earth was at the center of the solar system. These clocks were complex calculating machines. They used terms like "computus" and to operate them sophisticated mathematical knowledge was required.The invaders invented the heliocentric model and the Copernicus character, among many others, to be able to recreate the history of humanity and erase traces of their recent crimes and destruction of the great civilization of Tartary.
Throughout the world, invading forces that defeated Tartaria appropriated their palaces and red power stations and turned it into universities, museums, theaters, banks, prefectures, chambers of commerce, stock exchange, churches, high school, courts, banks, post offices, libraries, opera theaters, biomedical research institutes, casinos and tourist attraction, as well as cathedrals, synagogues and churches.
And they continue to paint the structures that extract energy from the ether with the same colors as Tartary.
This was the main power station in the whole Europe, located in Budapest, Hungary.
And this is the main power station of Antwerp, Belgium. They were transformed into synagoges by the forces that destroyed Tartary.
And keep destroying.
XII Tartary was the whole world
Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas were part of a single High Civilization and had the architecture focused on the extraction of electromagnetic energy.
Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ross Empire or Great Tartary. Many names for the civilization present both in the throne room of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow and in the Library of Congress in Washington.
Tartary was the whole world. And continues to be. And the technology of electromagnetic energy extraction is the same to 7000 years.
This is attested by the Gothic towers, Hindu and Chinese “pagodas” of the 11th century, the African clay “mosque”, the "Presbyterian Church" in Buffalo (NY), the pinnacle studded with metal staples of the 11th century complex of Zamora, the Kantojiu nine spires or the Lingxiao roofs design whose drawings are perfectly reproduced in the contemporary Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai.
However, this energy is not always as beneficial as the Tiergarten park in Berlin.
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Why is Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc trying to pretend AXA isn't one of the top 5 "companies that control the world"? AXA relies on debt & derivatives to pretend it's not bankrupt. Million-dollar Bitcoin would destroy AXA's phony balance sheet. How much is AXA paying Greg to cripple Bitcoin?

Here was an interesting brief exchange between Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc and u/BitAlien about AXA:
The "non-nullc" side of the conversation has already been censored by r\bitcoin - but I had previously archived it here :)
u/BitAlien says to u/nullc :
Blockstream is funded by big banks, for example, AXA.
u/nullc says to u/BitAlien :
is funded by big banks, for example, AXA
AXA is a French multinational insurance firm.
But I guess we shouldn't expect much from someone who thinks miners unilatterally control bitcoin.
Typical semantics games and hair-splitting and bullshitting from Greg.
But I guess we shouldn't expect too much honesty or even understanding from someone like Greg who thinks that miners don't control Bitcoin.
AXA-owned Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc doesn't understand how Bitcoin mining works
Mining is how you vote for rule changes. Greg's comments on BU revealed he has no idea how Bitcoin works. He thought "honest" meant "plays by Core rules." [But] there is no "honesty" involved. There is only the assumption that the majority of miners are INTELLIGENTLY PROFIT-SEEKING. - ForkiusMaximus
AXA-owned Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc is economically illiterate
Adam Back & Greg Maxwell are experts in mathematics and engineering, but not in markets and economics. They should not be in charge of "central planning" for things like "max blocksize". They're desperately attempting to prevent the market from deciding on this. But it will, despite their efforts.
AXA-owned Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc doesn't understand how fiat works
Gregory Maxwell nullc has evidently never heard of terms like "the 1%", "TPTB", "oligarchy", or "plutocracy", revealing a childlike naïveté when he says: "‘Majority sets the rules regardless of what some minority thinks’ is the governing principle behind the fiats of major democracies."
AXA-owned Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc is toxic to Bitcoin
People are starting to realize how toxic Gregory Maxwell is to Bitcoin, saying there are plenty of other coders who could do crypto and networking, and "he drives away more talent than he can attract." Plus, he has a 10-year record of damaging open-source projects, going back to Wikipedia in 2006.
So here we have Greg this week, desperately engaging in his usual little "semantics" games - claiming that AXA isn't technically a bank - when the real point is that:
AXA is clearly one of the most powerful fiat finance firms in the world.
Maybe when he's talking about the hairball of C++ spaghetti code that him and his fellow devs at Core/Blockstream are slowing turning their version of Bitcoin's codebase into... in that arcane (and increasingly irrelevant :) area maybe he still can dazzle some people with his usual meaningless technically correct but essentially erroneous bullshit.
But when it comes to finance and economics, Greg is in way over his head - and in those areas, he can't bullshit anyone. In fact, pretty much everything Greg ever says about finance or economics or banks is simply wrong.
He thinks he's proved some point by claiming that AXA isn't technically a bank.
But AXA is far worse than a mere "bank" or a mere "French multinational insurance company".
AXA is one of the top-five "companies that control the world" - and now (some people think) AXA is in charge of paying for Bitcoin "development".
A recent infographic published in the German Magazine "Die Zeit" showed that AXA is indeed the second-most-connected finance company in the world - right at the rotten "core" of the "fantasy fiat" financial system that runs our world today.
Who owns the world? (1) Barclays, (2) AXA, (3) State Street Bank. (Infographic in German - but you can understand it without knowing much German: "Wem gehört die Welt?" = "Who owns the world?") AXA is the #2 company with the most economic poweconnections in the world. And AXA owns Blockstream.
The link to the PDF at Die Zeit in the above OP is gone now - but there's other copies online:
Plus there's lots of other research and articles at sites like the financial magazine Forbes, or the scientific publishing site plos.org, with articles which say the same thing - all the tables and graphs show that:
AXA is consistently among the top five "companies that control everything"
AXA is right at the rotten "core" of the world financial system. Their last CEO was even the head of the friggin' Bilderberg Group.
Blockstream is now controlled by the Bilderberg Group - seriously! AXA Strategic Ventures, co-lead investor for Blockstream's $55 million financing round, is the investment arm of French insurance giant AXA Group - whose CEO Henri de Castries has been chairman of the Bilderberg Group since 2012.
So, let's get a few things straight here.
"AXA" might not be a household name to many people.
And Greg was "technically right" when he denied that AXA is a "bank" (which is basically the only kind of "right" that Greg ever is these days: "technically" :-)
But AXA is one of the most powerful finance companies in the world.
AXA was started as a French insurance company.
And now it's a French multinational insurance company.
But if you study up a bit on AXA, you'll see that they're not just any old "insurance" company.
AXA has their fingers in just about everything around the world - including a certain team of toxic Bitcoin devs who are radically trying to change Bitcoin:
And ever since AXA started throwing tens of millions of dollars in filthy fantasy fiat at a certain toxic dev named Gregory Maxwell, CTO of Blockstream, suddenly he started saying that we can't have nice things like the gradually increasing blocksizes (and gradually increasing Bitcoin prices - which fortunately tend to increase proportional to the square of the blocksize because of Metcalfe's law :-) which were some of the main reasons most of us invested in Bitcoin in the first place.
My, my, my - how some people have changed!
Greg Maxwell used to have intelligent, nuanced opinions about "max blocksize", until he started getting paid by AXA, whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group - the legacy financial elite which Bitcoin aims to disintermediate. Greg always refuses to address this massive conflict of interest. Why?
Previously, Greg Maxwell u/nullc (CTO of Blockstream), Adam Back u/adam3us (CEO of Blockstream), and u/theymos (owner of r\bitcoin) all said that bigger blocks would be fine. Now they prefer to risk splitting the community & the network, instead of upgrading to bigger blocks. What happened to them?
"Even a year ago I said I though we could probably survive 2MB" - nullc
Core/Blockstream supporters like to tiptoe around the facts a lot - hoping we won't pay attention to the fact that they're getting paid by a company like AXA, or hoping we'll get confused if Greg says that AXA isn't a bank but rather an insurance firm.
But the facts are the facts, whether AXA is an insurance giant or a bank:
  • AXA would be exposed as bankrupt in a world dominated by a "counterparty-free" asset class like Bitcoin.
  • AXA pays Greg's salary - and Greg is one of the major forces who has been actively attempting to block Bitcoin's on-chain scaling - and there's no way getting around the fact that artificially small blocksizes do lead to artificially low prices.
AXA kinda reminds me of AIG
If anyone here was paying attention when the cracks first started showing in the world fiat finance system around 2008, you may recall the name of another mega-insurance company, that was also one of the most connected finance companies in the world: AIG.
Falling Giant: A Case Study Of AIG
What was once the unthinkable occurred on September 16, 2008. On that date, the federal government gave the American International Group - better known as AIG (NYSE:AIG) - a bailout of $85 billion. In exchange, the U.S. government received nearly 80% of the firm's equity. For decades, AIG was the world's biggest insurer, a company known around the world for providing protection for individuals, companies and others. But in September, the company would have gone under if it were not for government assistance.
Why the Fed saved AIG and not Lehman
Bernanke did say he believed an AIG failure would be "catastrophic," and that the heavy use of derivatives made the AIG problem potentially more explosive.
An AIG failure, thanks to the firm's size and its vast web of trading partners, "would have triggered an intensification of the general run on international banking institutions," Bernanke said.
Just like AIG, AXA is a "systemically important" finance company - one of the biggest insurance companies in the world.
And (like all major banks and insurance firms), AXA is drowning in worthless debt and bets (derivatives).
Most of AXA's balance sheet would go up in a puff of smoke if they actually did "mark-to-market" (ie, if they actually factored in the probability of the counterparties of their debts and bets actually coming through and paying AXA the full amount it says on the pretty little spreadsheets on everyone's computer screens).
In other words: Like most giant banks and insurers, AXA has mainly debt and bets. They rely on counterparties to pay them - maybe, someday, if the whole system doesn't go tits-up by then.
In other words: Like most giant banks and insurers, AXA does not hold the "private keys" to their so-called wealth :-)
So, like most giant multinational banks and insurers who spend all their time playing with debts and bets, AXA has been teetering on the edge of the abyss since 2008 - held together by chewing gum and paper clips and the miracle of Quantitative Easing - and also by all the clever accounting tricks that instantly become possible when money can go from being a gleam in a banker's eye to a pixel on a screen with just a few keystrokes - that wonderful world of "fantasy fiat" where central bankers ninja-mine billions of dollars in worthless paper and pixels into existence every month - and then for some reason every other month they have to hold a special "emergency central bankers meeting" to deal with the latest financial crisis du jour which "nobody could have seen coming".
AIG back in 2008 - much like AXA today - was another "systemically important" worldwide mega-insurance giant - with most of its net worth merely a pure fantasy on a spreadsheet and in a four-color annual report - glossing over the ugly reality that it's all based on toxic debts and derivatives which will never ever be paid off.
Mega-banks Mega-insurers like AXA are addicted to the never-ending "fantasy fiat" being injected into the casino of musical chairs involving bets upon bets upon bets upon bets upon bets - counterparty against counterparty against counterparty against counterparty - going 'round and 'round on the big beautiful carroussel where everyone is waiting on the next guy to pay up - and meanwhile everyone's cooking their books and sweeping their losses "under the rug", offshore or onto the taxpayers or into special-purpose vehicles - while the central banks keep printing up a trillion more here and a trillion more there in worthless debt-backed paper and pixels - while entire nations slowly sink into the toxic financial sludge of ever-increasing upayable debt and lower productivity and higher inflation, dragging down everyone's economies, enslaving everyone to increasing worktime and decreasing paychecks and unaffordable healthcare and education, corrupting our institutions and our leaders, distorting our investment and "capital allocation" decisions, inflating housing and healthcare and education beyond everyone's reach - and sending people off to die in endless wars to prop up the deadly failing Saudi-American oil-for-arms Petrodollar ninja-mined currency cartel.
In 2008, when the multinational insurance company AIG (along with their fellow gambling buddies at the multinational investment banks Bear Stearns and Lehmans) almost went down the drain due to all their toxic gambling debts, they also almost took the rest of the world with them.
And that's when the "core" dev team working for the miners central banks (the Fed, ECB, BoE, BoJ - who all report to the "central bank of central banks" BIS in Basel) - started cranking up their mining rigs printing presses and keyboards and pixels to the max, unilaterally manipulating the "issuance schedule" of their shitcoins and flooding the world with tens of trillions in their worthless phoney fiat to save their sorry asses after all their toxic debts and bad bets.
AXA is at the very rotten "core" of this system - like AIG, a "systemically important" (ie, "too big to fail") mega-gigantic multinational insurance company - a fantasy fiat finance firm quietly sitting at the rotten core of our current corrupt financial system, basically impacting everything and everybody on this planet.
The "masters of the universe" from AXA are the people who go to Davos every year wining and dining on lobster and champagne - part of that elite circle that prints up endless money which they hand out to their friends while they continue to enslave everyone else - and then of course they always turn around and tell us we can't have nice things like roads and schools and healthcare because "austerity". (But somehow we always can have plenty of wars and prisons and climate change and terrorism because for some weird reason our "leaders" seem to love creating disasters.)
The smart people at AXA are probably all having nightmares - and the smart people at all the other companies in that circle of "too-big-to-fail" "fantasy fiat finance firms" are probably also having nightmares - about the following very possible scenario:
If Bitcoin succeeds, debt-and-derivatives-dependent financial "giants" like AXA will probably be exposed as having been bankrupt this entire time.
All their debts and bets will be exposed as not being worth the paper and pixels they were printed on - and at that point, in a cryptocurrency world, the only real money in the world will be "counterparty-free" assets ie cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - where all you need to hold is your own private keys - and you're not dependent on the next deadbeat debt-ridden fiat slave down the line coughing up to pay you.
Some of those people at AXA and the rest of that mafia are probably quietly buying - sad that they missed out when Bitcoin was only $10 or $100 - but happy they can still get it for $1000 while Blockstream continues to suppress the price - and who knows, what the hell, they might as well throw some of that juicy "banker's bonus" into Bitcoin now just in case it really does go to $1 million a coin someday - which it could easily do with just 32MB blocks, and no modifications to the code (ie, no SegWit, no BU, no nuthin', just a slowly growing blocksize supporting a price growing roughly proportional to the square of the blocksize - like Bitcoin always actually did before the economically illiterate devs at Blockstream imposed their centrally planned blocksize on our previously decentralized system).
Meanwhile, other people at AXA and other major finance firms might be taking a different tack: happy to see all the disinfo and discord being sown among the Bitcoin community like they've been doing since they were founded in late 2014 - buying out all the devs, dumbing down the community to the point where now even the CTO of Blockstream Greg Mawxell gets the whitepaper totally backwards.
Maybe Core/Blockstream's failure-to-scale is a feature not a bug - for companies like AXA.
After all, AXA - like most of the major banks in the Europe and the US - are now basically totally dependent on debt and derivatives to pretend they're not already bankrupt.
Maybe Blockstream's dead-end road-map (written up by none other than Greg Maxwell), which has been slowly strangling Bitcoin for over two years now - and which could ultimately destroy Bitcoin via the poison pill of Core/Blockstream's SegWit trojan horse - maybe all this never-ending history of obstrution and foot-dragging and lying and failure from Blockstream is actually a feature and not a bug, as far as AXA and their banking buddies are concerned.
The insurance company with the biggest exposure to the 1.2 quadrillion dollar (ie, 1200 TRILLION dollar) derivatives casino is AXA. Yeah, that AXA, the company whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group, and whose "venture capital" arm bought out Bitcoin development by "investing" in Blockstream.
If Bitcoin becomes a major currency, then tens of trillions of dollars on the "legacy ledger of fantasy fiat" will evaporate, destroying AXA, whose CEO is head of the Bilderbergers. This is the real reason why AXA bought Blockstream: to artificially suppress Bitcoin volume and price with 1MB blocks.
AXA has even invented some kind of "climate catastrophe" derivative - a bet where if the global warming destroys an entire region of the world, the "winner" gets paid.
Of course, derivatives would be something attractive to an insurance company - since basically most of their business is about making and taking bets.
So who knows - maybe AXA is "betting against" Bitcoin - and their little investment in the loser devs at Core/Blockstream is part of their strategy for "winning" that bet.
This trader's price & volume graph / model predicted that we should be over $10,000 USD/BTC by now. The model broke in late 2014 - when AXA-funded Blockstream was founded, and started spreading propaganda and crippleware, centrally imposing artificially tiny blocksize to suppress the volume & price.
"I'm angry about AXA scraping some counterfeit money out of their fraudulent empire to pay autistic lunatics millions of dollars to stall the biggest sociotechnological phenomenon since the internet and then blame me and people like me for being upset about it." ~ u/dresden_k
Bitcoin can go to 10,000 USD with 4 MB blocks, so it will go to 10,000 USD with 4 MB blocks. All the censorship & shilling on r\bitcoin & fantasy fiat from AXA can't stop that. BitcoinCORE might STALL at 1,000 USD and 1 MB blocks, but BITCOIN will SCALE to 10,000 USD and 4 MB blocks - and beyond
AXA/Blockstream are suppressing Bitcoin price at 1000 bits = 1 USD. If 1 bit = 1 USD, then Bitcoin's market cap would be 15 trillion USD - close to the 82 trillion USD of "money" in the world. With Bitcoin Unlimited, we can get to 1 bit = 1 USD on-chain with 32MB blocksize ("Million-Dollar Bitcoin")
Anyways, people are noticing that it's a little... odd... the way Greg Maxwell seems to go to such lengths, in order to cover up the fact that bigger blocks have always correlated to higher price.
He seems to get very... uncomfortable... when people start pointing out that:
It sure looks like AXA is paying Greg Maxwell to suppress the Bitcoin price.
Greg Maxwell has now publicly confessed that he is engaging in deliberate market manipulation to artificially suppress Bitcoin adoption and price. He could be doing this so that he and his associates can continue to accumulate while the price is still low (1 BTC = $570, ie 1 USD can buy 1750 "bits")
Why did Blockstream CTO u/nullc Greg Maxwell risk being exposed as a fraud, by lying about basic math? He tried to convince people that Bitcoin does not obey Metcalfe's Law (claiming that Bitcoin price & volume are not correlated, when they obviously are). Why is this lie so precious to him?
I don't know how a so-called Bitcoin dev can sleep at night knowing he's getting paid by fucking AXA - a company that would probably go bankrupt if Bitcoin becomes a major world currency.
Greg must have to go through some pretty complicated mental gymastics to justify in his mind what everyone else can see: he is a fucking sellout to one of the biggest fiat finance firms in the world - he's getting paid by (and defending) a company which would probably go bankrupt if Bitcoin ever achieved multi-trillion dollar market cap.
Greg is literally getting paid by the second-most-connected "systemically important" (ie, "too big to fail") finance firm in the world - which will probably go bankrupt if Bitcoin were ever to assume its rightful place as a major currency with total market cap measured in the tens of trillions of dollars, destroying most of the toxic sludge of debt and derivatives keeping a bank financial giant like AXA afloat.
And it may at first sound batshit crazy (until You Do The Math), but Bitcoin actually really could go to one-million-dollars-a-coin in the next 8 years or so - without SegWit or BU or anything else - simply by continuing with Satoshi's original 32MB built-in blocksize limit and continuing to let miners keep blocks as small as possible to satisfy demand while avoiding orphans - a power which they've had this whole friggin' time and which they've been managing very well thank you.
Bitcoin Original: Reinstate Satoshi's original 32MB max blocksize. If actual blocks grow 54% per year (and price grows 1.542 = 2.37x per year - Metcalfe's Law), then in 8 years we'd have 32MB blocks, 100 txns/sec, 1 BTC = 1 million USD - 100% on-chain P2P cash, without SegWit/Lightning or Unlimited
Meanwhile Greg continues to work for Blockstream which is getting tens of millions of dollars from a company which would go bankrupt if Bitcoin were to actually scale on-chain to 32MB blocks and 1 million dollars per coin without all of Greg's meddling.
So Greg continues to get paid by AXA, spreading his ignorance about economics and his lies about Bitcoin on these forums.
In the end, who knows what Greg's motivations are, or AXA's motivations are.
But one thing we do know is this:
Satoshi didn't put Greg Maxwell or AXA in charge of deciding the blocksize.
The tricky part to understand about "one CPU, one vote" is that it does not mean there is some "pre-existing set of rules" which the miners somehow "enforce" (despite all the times when you hear some Core idiot using words like "consensus layer" or "enforcing the rules").
The tricky part about really understanding Bitcoin is this:
Hashpower doesn't just enforce the rules - hashpower makes the rules.
And if you think about it, this makes sense.
It's the only way Bitcoin actually could be decentralized.
It's kinda subtle - and it might be hard for someone to understand if they've been a slave to centralized authorities their whole life - but when we say that Bitcoin is "decentralized" then what it means is:
We all make the rules.
Because if hashpower doesn't make the rules - then you'd be right back where you started from, with some idiot like Greg Maxwell "making the rules" - or some corrupt too-big-to-fail bank debt-and-derivative-backed "fantasy fiat financial firm" like AXA making the rules - by buying out a dev team and telling us that that dev team "makes the rules".
But fortunately, Greg's opinions and ignorance and lies don't matter anymore.
Miners are waking up to the fact that they've always controlled the blocksize - and they always will control the blocksize - and there isn't a single goddamn thing Greg Maxwell or Blockstream or AXA can do to stop them from changing it - whether the miners end up using BU or Classic or BitcoinEC or they patch the code themselves.
The debate is not "SHOULD THE BLOCKSIZE BE 1MB VERSUS 1.7MB?". The debate is: "WHO SHOULD DECIDE THE BLOCKSIZE?" (1) Should an obsolete temporary anti-spam hack freeze blocks at 1MB? (2) Should a centralized dev team soft-fork the blocksize to 1.7MB? (3) OR SHOULD THE MARKET DECIDE THE BLOCKSIZE?
Core/Blockstream are now in the Kübler-Ross "Bargaining" phase - talking about "compromise". Sorry, but markets don't do "compromise". Markets do COMPETITION. Markets do winner-takes-all. The whitepaper doesn't talk about "compromise" - it says that 51% of the hashpower determines WHAT IS BITCOIN.
Clearing up Some Widespread Confusions about BU
Core deliberately provides software with a blocksize policy pre-baked in.
The ONLY thing BU-style software changes is that baking in. It refuses to bundle controversial blocksize policy in with the rest of the code it is offering. It unties the blocksize settings from the dev teams, so that you don't have to shop for both as a packaged unit.
The idea is that you can now have Core software security without having to submit to Core blocksize policy.
Running Core is like buying a Sony TV that only lets you watch Fox, because the other channels are locked away and you have to know how to solder a circuit board to see them. To change the channel, you as a layman would have to switch to a different TV made by some other manufacturer, who you may not think makes as reliable of TVs.
This is because Sony believes people should only ever watch Fox "because there are dangerous channels out there" or "because since everyone needs to watch the same channel, it is our job to decide what that channel is."
So the community is stuck with either watching Fox on their nice, reliable Sony TVs, or switching to all watching ABC on some more questionable TVs made by some new maker (like, in 2015 the XT team was the new maker and BIP101 was ABC).
BU (and now Classic and BitcoinEC) shatters that whole bizarre paradigm. BU is a TV that lets you tune to any channel you want, at your own risk.
The community is free to converge on any channel it wants to, and since everyone in this analogy wants to watch the same channel they will coordinate to find one.
Adjustable blocksize cap (ABC) is dangerous? The blocksize cap has always been user-adjustable. Core just has a really shitty inferface for it.
What does it tell you that Core and its supporters are up in arms about a change that merely makes something more convenient for users and couldn't be prevented from happening anyway? Attacking the adjustable blocksize feature in BU and Classic as "dangerous" is a kind of trap, as it is an implicit admission that Bitcoin was being protected only by a small barrier of inconvenience, and a completely temporary one at that. If this was such a "danger" or such a vector for an "attack," how come we never heard about it before?
Even if we accept the improbable premise that inconvenience is the great bastion holding Bitcoin together and the paternalistic premise that stakeholders need to be fed consensus using a spoon of inconvenience, we still must ask, who shall do the spoonfeeding?
Core accepts these two amazing premises and further declares that Core alone shall be allowed to do the spoonfeeding. Or rather, if you really want to you can be spoonfed by other implementation clients like libbitcoin and btcd as long as they are all feeding you the same stances on controversial consensus settings as Core does.
It is high time the community see central planning and abuse of power for what it is, and reject both:
  • Throw off central planning by removing petty "inconvenience walls" (such as baked-in, dev-recommended blocksize caps) that interfere with stakeholders coordinating choices amongst themselves on controversial matters ...
  • Make such abuse of power impossible by encouraging many competing implementations to grow and blossom
So it's time for Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell u/nullc to get over his delusions of grandeur - and to admit he's just another dev, with just another opinion.
He also needs to look in the mirror and search his soul and confront the sad reality that he's basically turned into a sellout working for a shitty startup getting paid by the 5th (or 4th or 2nd) "most connected", "systemically important", "too-big-to-fail", debt-and-derivative-dependent multinational bank mega-insurance giant in the world AXA - a major fiat firm firm which is terrified of going bankrupt just like that other mega-insurnace firm AIG already almost did before the Fed rescued them in 2008 - a fiat finance firm which is probably very conflicted about Bitcoin, at the very least.
Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell is getting paid by the most systemically important bank mega-insurance giant in the world, sitting at the rotten "core" of the our civilization's corrupt, dying fiat cartel.
Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell is getting paid by a mega-bank mega-insurance company that will probably go bankrupt if and when Bitcoin ever gets a multi-trillion dollar market cap, which it can easily do with just 32MB blocks and no code changes at all from clueless meddling devs like him.
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