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Two incidents in history of USA.

In light of a recent attack on a Republican congress, which will surely be hastily forgotten, I've decided to bring up two incidents in USA history which you may or may not know about (more likely not). When I first came across The Days of Rage I was positively shocked - from the sheer scale of the terrorist attacks, to the fact that some of those terrorists got cushy jobs, *specifically cushy jobs that involve them in a position of power over another generation. So let me bring up two incidents in USA history which will shock you.
An Indian guy named Osho created a cult in which he mixed Hindi mystic teachings and "open attitude towards human sexuality", greatly influencing "Western New Age" nonsense you might find soccer moms into. Cult had relocated to Wasco Country in Oregon, where they built a facility known as Rajneeshpuram. Osho had built himself a sex cult, where he taught his followers "unusual" sexual practices, instructed couples to have sex in front him, sleeping with several of his female disciples, etc. The cult was very wealthy, with Osho owning 93 Rolls-Royces, while his followers went on a building frenzy, building a small college with 15 classrooms, four office buildings, gambling casino, shopping center, winery, crematorium with a surrounding spiritual area, 18 miles of paved roads, more than 250 small visiting huts, a 4200 foot long airport runway and airport terminal and more.
The cult intended to expand, and while they had initially friendly terms with locals, the relations soured. Wasco Country restricted growth of the commune, and the sect's leaders formulated a plan in which they will poison the public officials, which would naturally deter future decisions against their operations. They poisoned Ray Matthew and Bill Hulse, the latter who remained in hospital for four days, with doctors telling him he would have dided without treatment. He concluded that Rajneeshee poisoned him, a fact they denied vehemently. But they didn't stop there. In order to gain building permits for Rajneeshpuram, they decided to take political control of this county. One member, shedding traces of affiliation with the group opted to run for the county office. To elect her, they came up with two schemes.
First, under the guise of humanitarian initiative they would import a large number of homeless people (predominately men), promising them food, shelter, and beer. However, the 80s were a marginally saner time and their plan was countered by making sure that all new voters had to submit their qualifications when registering to vote. The homeless, a lot of them having mental issues, turned into an unruly mob and to regain control, cultists drugged their beer with Haldol.
Second, and this is the fun part, they decided to incapacitate voters in The Dalles, where most of the voters were. They planned to do this by infecting the water supply with salmonella. However, they first decided to do a "try run" where they poisoned salad bars. During this month, 751 cases of acute gastroenteritis were documented, with all of the victims being infected with Salmonella enterica Typhimurium. This remains to this date the biggest bio-terrorist attack comitted on US soil. I don't know how many died, but probably not that many - antibiotics helped make sure of that. However, keep in mind that in the last couple of decades, antibiotic resistance amped up. Imagine how easy would it to procure MRSA.
It ended rather poorly for the cult, for two reasons. One, county officials denied many cultists (not being American citizens) voting rights, whilenew regulations on registration of new voters prevented imported homeless from voting. Two, people don't take kindly to being poisoned. The mastermind behind this attack, a rather wealthy Indian-American woman named Ma Anand Sheela, was given 20 years in federal prison. She served 29 months, because of good behaviour - despite the fact that she was known for outbursts of profanity. Oh and, guess who was part of this cult? Arianna Huffington, of Huffington post.
The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ was founded in 1955 by Jim Jones. Jim Jones was attending gatherings of Communist Party USA and he became frustrated with ostracism of open communism in USA. He came to conlusion that best way to demonstrate Marxism is through infiltration of the church. He himself was surprised when church helped him into it, despite him being known communist. And thus he founded The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ. During this time, he adopted memes of Southern Baptists and their weird healing rituals, masking his communist intentions.He was a rather radical integrationists, who helped racially integrate churches, restaurants, hospitals, and the police department. He helped fish out restaurants who refuse to service black customers. In fact, in 1977, he recieved MLKJr. Humanitarian reward. Racial equality was a big thing for him, his latter settlment (Jonestown) being 70% black, 45% being black women.
During the 60s, he slowly started injecting more and more Marxism, declaring those to be born in socialism to not be born in sin, rejecting the Bible for oppressing women and non-whites - slamming it on the table yelling "I've got to destroy this paper idol, while also claiming he was reincarnation of Ghandi, Jesus, Buddha, and Lenin. In one sermon, he said : "There's no heaven up there! We'll have to make heaven down here!". In private phone calls, he admited that he was an atheist, and that he only used religion to mobilize people. In the 1977 he openly said that he was an atheist. He is a classical example of an entryist, albeit a rather obvious one.
Unlike most cult leaders, he was able to gain public support in San Francisco, and on the national level. Walter Mondale, 42nd Vice President (although candidate at that time) came to meet him, and Mondale publicly praised the temple. First Lady Carter also met with Jones and corresponded with him - and when he spoke at the grand opening of the Dem Party's San Franciso, he garnered a larger applause than her. Besides being written about in the newspaper, and seen with dignitaries at lunches and dinners, he was also the head of the Human Rights Commission and the SF Housing Authority. He was a popular guy.
Like the Rajneesh cult, he created a settlement named Jonestown as a means to attain socialist paradise and sanctuary from the vile media scrutiny in San Francisco (this is sarcasm btw)- and like other communist paradise, it was a failing agricultural community, with people being stored in bunkbeds. Children were generally surrendered to communal care, addressed Jones as "Dad", and at times were only allowed to see their real parents briefly at night Up to $65,000 in monthly welfare payments from U.S. government agencies to Jonestown residents were signed over to the Temple. He claimed it to be the purest communism ever, and like many of other pure communist, he did no permit members to leave. However, some people wanted to leave.
Those people formed a group called "Concerned Relatives" and called for the investigation into human rights abuses. On April 11, 1978, the Concerned Relatives distributed a packet of documents, including letters and affidavits, that they titled an "Accusation of Human Rights Violations by Rev. James Warren Jones" to the Peoples Temple, members of the press, and members of Congress. In June 1978, escaped Temple member Deborah Layton provided the group with a further affidavit detailing alleged crimes by the Temple and substandard living conditions in Jonestown. If someone's interested, she hosted a reddit AMA right here.
On November 17, 1978, Leo Ryan came with delegation to investigate claims of abuse within the compund. During this visit, a number of members expressed a desire to leave, and so they did. A member named Larry Layton, wanted strongly to join them - despite other defectors voicing their concern about his motives. And they were right because at the local airstrip at Port Kaituma, they were intercepted by self-styled Temple security guards who killed Congresman Ryan - who became the first congressman to be killed in the line of duty, three journalists, and one of the defectors.
After these murders, Soviet Union, with the Temple had been negotiating a potential exodus for months, would not take them after the airstrip murders. Jones, if you hadn't noticed, was batshit crazy, and had a vague conspiracy theory of how that men would "parachute in here on us", "shoot some of our innocent babies" and "they'll torture our children, they'll torture some of our people here, they'll torture our seniors". He also feared that hostile forces would convert captured children to fascism, one temple member states "the ones that they take captured, they're gonna just let them grow up and be dummies". Naturally, the only logical conclusion is to commit a revolutionary suicide.
And this is where it gets fun. There is a 44 minute recording of what happens next. There's also a transcript here.
One member, Christine Miller, dissents toward the beginning of the tape. She was shouted down by the rest of the group. He goes on about how he loves them all and did his best to give them a good life, that he doesn't want them to "be in hell" anymore. The crowd cheers. There is children crying and screaming throught the background. There is occasional applause and riffraff among the crowd, you can hear children and crying babies. Other people speak into the mic thanking him throughout the recording, saying they accept death and are ready to end it all. There were people with guns, ready to shoot anyone who tried to leave. He ordered his congration to drink a cheap Kool-Aid knockoff (he was a dick till the end, it seems) laced with cyanide. According to escaped Temple member Odell Rhodes, the first to take the poison were Ruletta Paul and her one-year-old infant. Clayton said that Jones approached people to encourage them to drink the poison and that, after adults saw the poison begin to take effect, "they showed a reluctance to die. The people who refused, got shot, or injected with it. They decided to give the drink to the children first, thinking it would kill the parents will to live if they saw their children die. They forced the parents at gunpoint to force children to drink it. Children start screaming, and crying, with one child shouting "what did you give us" through tears. Jones screams "Don't be this way. Stop with these hysterics. No way for socialists and communist to die. We must die with some dignity. Stop this. Put the children to rest. Mother, mother, mother don't do this." A child screams "what did they give us". He interjects "Children will not be hurt if you are quiet". Death, death, death is common to people. And the Eskimos, they take death in their stride. Let's be digni--let's be dignified. If you quit tell them they're dying--if you adults would stop some of this nonsense. Adults, adults, adults. I call on you to stop this nonsense. I call on you to quit exciting your children when all they're doing is going to a quiet rest. I call on you to stop this now if you have any respect at all. Are we black, proud, and Socialist, or what are we? Now stop this nonsense. Don't carry this on anymore. You're exciting your children.
Jones did not drink it. His death was caused by a gunshot wound to his left temple. he events at Jonestown constituted the greatest single losses of American civilian life in a deliberate act until the incidents of September 11, 2001. 909 inhabitants of Jonestown, 304 children died.
Child sacrifice to progressivism is nothing new, from Moloch cults to skoptsy in Russia. If they're willing to kill their own children, imagine what they would do to yours. Ultimately, their death and dissolution happened only because Jones was insane. The public was on his side, the politics were on his side, and the minute there is a bump, he freaks out and does something crazy as this.
Ultimately, these two cults are firsts in so many things. First congresman killed, largest bioterror attack in USA, and largest deliberate loss of civilian life until 9/11 in USA. Funnily, the tantric sex cult was miles more advanced that communist utopia, which was a failed community filled with insane and evil people. Both cults showed behaviour consistent with progressivism, in an open and unashamed fashion - importing underclass to take political control, corresponding to political elite during the so-called Red Scare. And both cults would only get a slap on the wrists, hadn't Jones completely went off the rails. In an ironic fashion, he punished himself and his followers many times more harshly than he would actually done.
I am reminded of Angela Davis, person who supplied guns to a black man who killed a judge and freed his two fellow dindus. She was declared a terrorist, and hunted down - meanwhile many crazies like Lenon wrote out in support to her. After her capture, she was found innocent - after all, she couldn't have been guilty in a plot to break out two dindus, all she did was give the guns. She became a professor (now retired) at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in its History of Consciousness Department and a former director of the university's Feminist Studies department.
The amount of things the Left did in pre-internet era, and got away with it, is simply mind-boggling.
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