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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana, Nikola Sjekloca, Nobuhiro Ishida vs Kyotaro Fujimoto, John Riel Casimero vs Mauricio Fuentes, Jesus Cuellar vs Rico Ramos + more

Wednesday April 30

From Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Nobuhiro Ishida 25(10)-9-2 vs Kyotaro Fujimoto 8(5)-1

8 rounds
heavyweight division
Started from the middle now we here. Ishida has arrived a little short of a year after he said he would be making the move from middleweight to heavyweight. Ishida is one of the toughest dudes in the division and a move to heavyweight seems natural for him. This guy has faced some of the toughest dudes out there. Former middleweight terror Paul Williams, former middleweight grim reaper Dmitry Pirog, the current middleweight boogeyman Gennady Golovkin all have wins over Ishida. Ishida’s claim to fame is knocking out a cold James Kirkland in 1 round. I don’t know the reason behind Ishida’s move to heavyweight. All I know is he’s here and that with 9 losses, only one of those came by knockout. You know who did it. Don’t play.

Thursday May 1

From Hialeah Park Race Track, Hialeah, Florida
Fight Thread: Yes
Time: 6:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM EST
TV: ESPN2 (USA) DigiSport (Hungary)

Roberto Garcia 34(22)-3 vs Victor Manuel Cayo 32(23)-4

10 rounds
welterweight division
Garcia is fresh off his narrow win over Norberto Gonzalez on Friday Night Fights back in February and returns to face an experienced Victor Cayo. Cayo hasn’t got many notable wins, but he has been in the ring with Maidana, Lamont Peterson, Nate Campbell, and Emmanuel Taylor. Garcia’s done pretty good for himself since losing to Antonio Margarito back in 2010. This should be a good fight while it lasts. I’m going to go with Garcia.

Jonathan Gonzalez 17(14)-0-1 vs Rogelio Medina 32(26)-5

10 rounds
super middleweight division
This is the Puerto Rican prospect Johnathan Gonzalez whose only problem has been his work ethic and discipline. Gonzalez is a real talent with real power, but his lack of discipline has burned bridges and resulted in the only blemish on his record. Gonzalez was a solid amateur and he could be a very welcome edition into the super middleweight division if he kept it together. Medina shouldn’t give him too much trouble.

Friday May 2

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Fight Thread: Yes
Time: 7:00 PM PST, 10:00 PM EST
TV: Fox Sports 1 (USA)

Jesus Cuellar 23(18)-1 vs Rico Ramos 23(12)-3

12 rounds
interim WBA world featherweight title
Cuellar’s only loss was a knockout at super bantamweight. He’s since moved up, brought in Robert Garcia, and is reborn as an Oxnard fighting machine. Cuellar was a good amateur, but not only was Rico Ramos a good amateur as well, he’s also a real good professional. This is an interesting fight. Ramos can be real boring, but when he’s motivated the guy looks great. Cuellar is going to have his hands full with Ramos. If he can beat Ramos, Cuellar could be set for some good fights with Mares or Jhonny Gonzalez.

Mickey Bey 19(10)-1-1 vs Alan Herrera 32(21)-5

10 rounds
lightweight division
Bey had a title with reach and it all disappeared when he was stopped in the final round against John Molina. Bey is one of several Mayweather fighters to be popped for illegal substances. Bey is talented. He’s quick and has decent power, but his defensive flaws are the reason why he’s facing Herrera who comes in with 5 losses. Herrera has a ton of wins, but most came in Mexico to inexperienced fighters. I think Bey scores a stoppage here.

Ishe Smith 25(11)-6 vs Ryan Davis 24(9)-13-3

10 rounds
light middleweight division
This was supposed to be Smith vs Erislandy Lara in what was promised to be an unexciting, but clear and decisive victory for Lara. In steps Ryan Davis. Davis hasn’t had a win over a guy with a winning record since 2009. He’s been knocked out in 4 of his last 6 fights. This should be easy work for Ishe Smith. That’s all I gotta say about this one.

Saturday May 3

From Ce.De.M. N° 2, Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cesar Rene Cuenca 46(2)-0 vs Albert Mensah 27(12)-4-1

12 rounds
eliminator for IBF junior welterweight title
Forty-six have tried and failed to crack the Cuenca code. It’s a shame because 46 times he’s tried to not knock someone out and twice he’s failed! Cuenca is a master boxer who believes in the sweet science. This guy still thinks he’s in the amateurs. He’s never fought on the world level, so that explains the 46 wins. He’s 33 and finally finds himself in the position to be a mandatory for IBF title holder Lamont Peterson. Cuenca fights exclusively in Argentina and I suppose he’s happy with the set-up he’s got there. I’m curious if he will choose to leave Argentina to challenge Peterson if he does win. I feel bad for the 2 guys he’s knocked out.
From The Velodrom, Prenzlaur Berg, Berlin, Germany
Fight Thread: Yes
TV: ARD (Germany) Sport 1 (Hungary)
Time: ?

Arthur Abraham 39(28)-4 vs Nikola Sjekloca 26(8)-1

12 rounds
WBO super middleweight title
You may remember Sjekloca from the Broner-Rees undercard. On that card, he and Sakio Bika fought in a usual roughhouse-Bika contest. Sjekloca lost a wide decision on the cards that night and finds himself this Saturday in with one of the paper champions at super middleweight. Abraham is coming off a win over Robert Stieglitz and is looking to make a defense before challenging the real champion at super middleweight, Andre Ward. It’s important to remember that Ward shut Abraham out in 2011, but perhaps Abraham thinks he’s improved since then. Whatever the case, as long as we get to see Ward back in the ring, I’m happy. Even if it is against Abraham.
From Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
TV: TV5 (Philippines)
Fight Thread: No

John Riel Casimero 19(11)-2 vs Mauricio Fuentes 16(10)-2

12 rounds
IBF light flyweight title
This is a big step up for Fuentes. Fuentes may have a similar record to Casimero, but the difference is Casimero has been in with lions. Casimero is a long reigning champion at light flyweight whose losses come from a brief flirtation with flyweight. He realized his mistake and came back down to where he had gained his earlier success. Should Casimero win, I’d like to see him in a unification with new junior flyweight champion Naoya Inoue (that is if Inoue is still at the division in a few months time.)

Harmonito Dela Torre 12(7)-0 vs Gadwin Tubigon 10(5)-8-2

12 rounds
super featherweight division
Dela Torre is an interesting prospect and I like the progress he’s making. He’s been in with some experienced guys and come out on top, so it’s only a matter of time before they really start testing him.
From MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Fight Thread: Yes
Time: 6:00 PM PDT, 9:00 PM EDT, 2:00 AM BST

Floyd Mayweather Jr 45(26)-0 vs Marcos Maidana 35(31)-3

12 rounds
WBC welterweight title
WBA super world welterweight title
Anything you can want to know about this fight can be found here.

Amir Khan 28(19)-3 vs Luis Collazo 35(18)-5

12 rounds
welterweight division
This is my pick for the fight of the night and a lot is riding on this fight for more than just the 2 in the ring. For Amir Khan, a decisive win will put his career back on track, but a loss could be all but the end for the young Brit. It will be his 4th loss and more importantly, show that perhaps his defensive flaws are too glaring for him to compete at the highest level. For Collazo, a loss sends him back to square one where he’ll have to face young guys coming up trying to make a name for themselves; paydays against names will be all but gone. For Virgil Hunter, this will be the 3rd guy he’s taken on that has failed under his watch. He’ll lose his stigma as this fantastic trainer and all he’ll have left is Ward and Jonathan Gonzalez who are more products of their own talents than Hunter. For Golden Boy, there is no doubt a bigger plan for Khan, most likely a potential fight with Mayweather. All that goes out the door with a loss to Collazo.
Changing gears a little, Khan is must watch TV. Regardless of your opinion of him, Khan always puts on a show. If Khan were a basketball player, he’d be James Harden. An ulbelievable offensive talent who puts it all on the line to score… but with glaring defensive flaws that are sometimes frustrating and other times hilarious. Here are some gifs of James Harden so you can see the comparison. How he reacts to feints, trying to stop his man from getting on the inside, and his slow reaction time. (Sorry Rockets fans. This is kind of a low blow given you guys are down 3-1. If it’s any consolation I hope you guys get Melo.)

Adrien Broner 27(22)-1 vs Carlos Molina 17(7)-1-1

10 rounds
light welterweight division
28 have tried and 1 has succeeded in cracking the A B code. Molina will look to duplicate Maidana’s success, but the question is whether or not he’s got the power to be as effective. I doubt it given his record. Broner wasn’t entirely useless in that Maidana fight. Maidana was tagged several times during the fight with hard punches and may have even been hurt a couple of times. I think we’re going to see Broner get off to a shaky start, but he’s going to find his rhythm and will coast to victory.

J’Leon Love 17(10)-0 vs Marco Antonio Periban 20(13)-1-1

10 rounds
super middleweight division
Love is a slight favorite here, but smart money is going to go with Periban. Periban is comparable in style to Gabe Rosado who gave Love hell a year ago. That was also when Love was fighting as a middleweight. Periban is coming off a very close loss to Sakio Bika and a draw with Badou Jack.
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[WEEKEND RECAP] Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana, Arthur Abraham vs Nikola Sjekloca, Jesus Cuellar vs Rico Ramos + more

Wednesday April 30

From Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Kyotaro Fujimoto won a unanimous decision over Nobuhiro Ishida

Let’s think about this one for a second. Ishida’s last fight before this one, he weighed in at the middleweight limit of 160 pounds even. He weighed in for this one at 206 and a half pounds. It took him less than a year and he didn’t do it by eating double cheeseburgers all day. The 38 year old came up short though as he lost a close, but decisive decision. Ishida gassed after only a few rounds (perhaps the cost of adding the weight) and wasn’t able to outwork Fujimoto as the fight came to its conclusion. A noble effort from a fan favorite like Ishida, but at 38, I’m not too sure about his future, especially if it’s to be competed in the heavyweight division.

Thursday May 1

From Hialeah Park Race Track, Hialeah, Florida

Roberto Garcia stopped Victor Manuel Cayo in 6 rounds

Cayo tried to box on the outside and keep Garcia at the end of his punches, but Garcia showed some wily veteran skills and a good chin on his way to stopping Cayo. The end came in the 6th with a wide left hook caught Cayo flush on the chin. Cayo was wobbled and backed into the ropes while Garcia went to work. Garcia is slowly climbing the welterweight division rankings even at his accelerated age. I doubt that Garcia will grab at title in one of the more competitive divisions in the sport, but he’s going to test anyone that gets in there with him.

Jonathan Gonzalez won a split decision over Rogelio Medina

Gonzalez is another example of what I believe is blown talent. This guy came on as a real good prospect and has since failed to really capitalize on it through his lack of discipline. Sure, he won. But he’s probably farther away from a title shot than he was coming in.
From Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jesus Cuellar retained the interim WBA world featherweight title beating Rico Ramos by unanimous decision

Cuellar looks like a typical Robert Garcia fighter. That is he’s not technically sound, but this guy is effective at what he does. Ramos is usually at boxing from the outside, but the pressure Cuellar placed throughout the fight was too much. Most of the fight, Ramos was forced to fight an inside fight where Cuellar excelled. If Cuellar is to continue as a champion, he’ll need to stop reaching so much for his punches. Cuellar dropped Ramos near the end of the first round with a big straight left.

Mickey Bey won a unanimous decision over Alan Herrera

While Mickey Bey won, I couldn’t help but notice the flaws in his game. He’s pretty easily countered because he’s too patient. He keeps his hands low and doesn’t get back in position after punching. Herrera ate some big shots, but Bey also got hit with some good flush shots. In the 7th, Bey loaded up a big left hook that didn’t hurt Herrera. Bey, in my opinion, partially punched himself out. Toward the end of the round, Bey paid for his inactivity by getting caught with a left uppercut while throwing a right. Bey still has a future. He can move, he can box, and if he figures out the chin, can win a lot of fight.

Ishe Smith knocked out Ryan Davis in 2 rounds

Saturday May 3

From Ce.De.M. N° 2, Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cesar Rene Cuenca won a unanimous decision over Albert Mensah

47 have tried and 47 have failed to crack the Cuenca code. Cuenca remains undefeated in the junior welterweight division and is now the IBF junior welterweight number one contender. Will we see Cuenca step up and face IBF champion Lamont Peterson or will he continue to rack up wins that are essentially meaningless in Argentina?
From The Velodrom, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Arthur Abraham retained the WBO super middleweight title by unanimous decision over Nikola Sjekloca

Sjekloca came in with a good plan. He tried to get to Abraham early and win rounds with activity. Abraham was able to adjust and start landing hard, telling shots. Sjekloca without any power wasn’t able to do anything that would keep Abraham from doing what he wanted in the ring. Abraham retained, although not impressively, and can somebody tell me why he wants a rematch with Andre Ward?
From MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

Floyd Mayweather unified the WBC and WBA super world welterweight titles by majority decision over Marcos Maidana

Coming into this fight, the general agreement amongst most fans was that the way to beat Mayweather was to make it rough, bully him, and overwhelm him with aggression. Maidana all but took the advice and in the end it was just short of the mark. Mayweather was able to win rounds by landing clean, effective shots while avoiding the barrage of punches coming from the Argentine. Maidana certainly made it close and has come far closer than anyone who’s come before him to take Mayweather’s 0. Highlights from the fight (aside from all the fouls) was a beautiful left hook that Maidana landed flush to Mayweather’s chin that took no effect. Same with a couple of wide hooks Mayweather tagged Maidana with late. If nothing else, it was an entertaining fight, close fight between 2 top welterweights.

Amir Khan won a unanimous decision over Luis Collazo

We’re starting to see the result of Khan’s partnership with Virgil Hunter. His first 2 times out were shaky and confusing at best. We now see what Khan will be under Hunter and to be honest I’m not convinced Khan will win many fights at the top level. In this fight, Khan won a clear decision over Collazo. Collazo was down once in the 4th and twice in the 10th. Khan consistently landed flush punches thanks to his speed. Collazo at some point seemed to have given up when he couldn’t stop Khan from holding. It took referee Vic Drakulich 8 rounds to penalize Khan for it. A good win for Khan, but it’s not the key win he was looking for.

Adrien Broner won a unanimous decision over Carlos Molina

Broner gets an A+ on this one for showmanship. Everything was perfectly done. He came out with Rick Ross, he sang and danced until the opening bell it seemed, he tried to hump, he wore socks with his face on them, and made several jokes in the post-fight interview. Quality material from Broner. As far as his ring performance, he gets a C+. He certainly won decisively and at times was toying with Molina. On the other hand, Molina got in some good shots, kept Broner defensive for long stretches of time, and even stole a couple of rounds. Broner should have stopped this guy, but he never sat on his punches and looked good in the process. Broner is in shark infested waters if he stays at 140. I’m sure Lucas Matthysse, Danny Garica, hell even Lamont Peterson would give Broner tons of trouble if not beating him outright. Either way, boxing is more entertaining when Broner is fighting. I’ll take any of those fights.

J’Leon Love won a unanimous decision over Marco Antonio Periban

This should really say Marco Antonio Periban stopped J’Leon Love because just about every referee except Steve Smoger would have stopped this fight. Love was out on his feet and getting pummeled by Periban. Jay Nady jumped in to presumably stop the fight, but instead decided to give Love a count. It was that which saved Love and allowed Love to recover and outbox Periban to get the victory. A great boxing display by Love, no doubt, but also a gift.
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