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Imagine how liberating it would be to live a life free of all the mind-numbing social niceties. I don't pity this kid - I envy him. Dr. House: [in a southern accent] Come on in, brothers and sister! Welcome to the house of the Lord! Dr. Cameron: House, come on, the chapel? Dr. House: We have been blessed with the miracle of a new symptom. Brother, can you testify as to why this poor child's Misfits television series Upload media Wikipedia Wikiquote: Instance of: television series: Genre: science fiction television; television drama; Country of origin: United Kingdom; Creator: Howard Overman; Language of work or name: English; Has part: Misfits, season 1 (1) Misfits. The Misfits are a American Horror punk band that started in Lodi, New Jersey in 1977.Blending in Punk and other Read Wikiquote in Modernized UI Ed: Carol, in my opinion, you and I have only one problem and that problem is you're in love with me but you're too afraid to admit it to yourself. Carol: My honest opinion is you're in love with some ideal version of me that I can't possibly live up to. Makeovers [] Mark: [during his medical checkup with Mike] Far be it for me to criticize your bedside manner, but I do believe that was a sigh Quelle: Wikiquote. Wer 1 Fehler macht und ihn nicht korrigiert, macht 2 Fehler.Quelle: Den Spruch habe von einer Zettelbox (Werbegeschenk von Continental „Reifen“). Ob es sich dabei gleichzeitig um den Urheber handelt ist mir unbekannt. Beziehungen schaden nur dem, der keine hat.Quelle: Den Spruch habe von einem meiner damaligen Hauptfeldwebel im Rahmen meiner Bundeswehrzeit. Ob es sich Note from FANDOM staff: this is not an official plan - only a list of suggestions by a FANDOM editor. Here is a list of FANDOM and Wikia-based websites and communities that, based on a combination of appearances and personal preferences, I feel should likely be merged; this could be a way of more efficiently and comprehensively storing separate accumulations of overall information in certain Leipzig liegt im Zentrum der Leipziger Tieflandsbucht, die den südlichsten Teil der Norddeutschen Tiefebene bildet, und am Zusammenfluss von Weißer Elster, Pleiße und Parthe.Die Flüsse sind im Stadtgebiet vielfach verzweigt und bilden so den Leipziger Gewässerknoten, der von einem großen Auwaldgebiet begleitet ist (siehe nachfolgender Abschnitt).

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